Charlie Noiir makes momentous debut with full length project On My Sleeve

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Following on from the success of recent singles ‘Beside Me’, ‘Masters’ and an impressive backlog of features and collabs over the past few years, Toronto based music royalty Charlie Noiir is officially ready to share his debut project, the 15 track epilogue ‘On My Sleeve’. 

Two years in the making and comprising endless recording, traveling, soul searching and strategic planning, Charle Noiir presents his deeply personal, incredibly versatile and profoundly enthralling full length body of work ‘On My Sleeve’

Ready and waiting to harness the waves inevitable by this momentous drop, Charlie Noiir practices what he preaches. Unrelenting and full of surprises he continues to deliver his unparalleled work ethic via his unrivalled drive, Charlie Noiir shows fans he’s committed to take the year by storm with this debut of epic proportions.

Traversing the many spectrums of genre within the realms of R&B, Soul and Hip Hop, Noiirs music is untethered, unconfined and utterly limitless. Never one to colour within the lines, his expression simply cannot be contained and as such remains a direct, untainted and infinite portal to his artistry. With his likeable nature, playful attitude and personality shining through every song, listeners find themselves drawn to his aura, forming an instant bond and connection.

With 7 tracks already available, Noiir treats listeners with a further 8, never before heard tunes effortlessly drawing you into a world of his creation, immersing and exposing you to the pure emotion emanating from its core delivered with Noiirs unique, exceptional sound, style and flair.

From energetic and soulful, upbeat party anthems, powerful and poignant  internal dialogues to winding slow jams Noiir is  raw and untamed, unfiltered and passionate. With an insatiable creativity running through his veins he channels his emotions with the ingenuity and sophistication of a true artist, earning him his coveted reputation within the Toronto music scene and beyond. 

“I really wanted this project to speak to who I was as an artist whilst creating it. I didn’t want to just zero in on one aspect of my artistry and I was very deliberate in how I approached every record. I believe one of my gifts is my ability to write to anything, any style of music but the challenge was creating something that sounded seamless. Something that from start to finish made absolute sense but when listened to individually, record by record, still left their own distinct impression. It was difficult yet fulfilling to push myself in so many directions but I’m glad I took on the challenge as my growth as an artist is evident throughout this body work.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m just so excited for people to hear the music. I’ve got so much more music on the horizon, this is just the tip of the iceberg but the perfect introduction into what I’m all about. I’m a heart on my sleeve type person. I keep a very tight knit circle of people I trust with my life. I rarely let these things off in real life so it’s been cathartic putting all these moments and emotions into this project. Hence the title, ON MY SLEEVE. My hope is by the end of the project you can see my vision and where I’m going with this music.” Charlie Noir

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