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Charity Launches Star Studded Video Encouraging The Nation To Be Proud Of Who They Are!

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We (Being Me Campaign charity) launched our inspiring #IAmBeingMe video at YouTube Space London last night (15th November 2016) with special guest including: Jodie Marsh, Trent Owers, Luke Shayler, Musharaf Asghar, Molly Rainford, Mark Ferris, Lady Colin Campbell + many more.

Our #IAmBeingMe video which we have launched during National Anti-Bullying Week 2016 (this week) is made up of 40 individuals from across the world, celebrating their differences & sharing their advice to others who maybe hiding who they are. We want to inspire the nation to be proud of their differences, as well as embracing, celebrating and loving others for who they are.

From our #IAmBeingMe survey we know:

84% of young people and 80% adults are hiding who they are and their differences because they are scared of being excluded, bullied or discriminated against for simply being who they are.

This needs to change, and through our #IAmBeingMe video we hope to open minds, hearts & change opinions. Because being who you truly are, is so incredibly important.

Jodie Marsh
Lady Colin Campbell
Sandi Boggle
Mark Ferris
Mark Ferris

 About Our Charity

 After years of bullying at school, Kieran Stanbridge (Aged 20) joined forces with Tracy Shayler and founded the Being Me Campaign charity in October 2015.

Our charity is about owning and celebrating any differences you have. We believe it’s awesome to be who you are and our differences should be celebrated not suppressed.

We are not restricted to a specific cause, we want everyone to feel that they can get involved and be proud of who they are.

We know many young people and adults are made to feel like an outcast on a daily basis because of a difference that makes them, them. This could be because of their sexuality, gender identity, disability, ethnicity, body type etc.

Through our website, workshops, social media channels & campaigns, we give everyone a voice to share their story & advice to inspire others to be proud of who they are. We are also incredibly proud to have Jodie Marsh & YouTubers Trent Owers / Luke Shayler as Ambassadors.


Twitter / Instagram: @BeingMeCampaign


(Photo Credit: Salvani Studios)

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