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Celebrity Style: Chris Pine

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With the huge success gained by the fantasy fiction Star Trek films, it seems fair that we should do some style piece on its main character Chris Pine. Looking at how Chris dresses himself you will soon come to recognize the fact that we should have canonized him sooner than we did.

Chris Pine Styled Looks

Pine’s dressing style always distinguished him in the sense that his dressing made you feel like it was an effortless, laid-back dressing. Whereas with the other actors, it always seems they had to put in a great effort to dress themselves up. Chris Pine has this thing with casual look that he can combine simple jeans with a plain tee and add a few extra accessories to upgrade his outfit look. Even when he is out for a shoot or some sort of event, he can dress so well that it is difficult to be pulled for many others.

First Look: Casual

This first look is just one different version of how Chris likes to work out a casual look.  Whether he’s out to grab coffee or out to an alluring place, Pine seems to blend style with comfort excellently. A plain white tee or a custom made dress shirt and dark-shaded jeans are a perfect point to begin at, but if you feel like adding more style to your look, try a leather jacket, basic white sneakers and the obligatory trendy sunglasses for that added ‘too cool for school’ look.

Second Look: Uber Casual

This casual look is embraced by Pine on a numerous occasions. It is pretty basic but what makes it so great is the minimal struggle needed to put it together. Simple pieces brought together make up an effortlessly cool look. Again we go with a basic tee and dark jeans, followed by a funky pop of color through adding a brightly colored beanie hat. Smart/casual desert boots, a nice belt and a decent messenger bag finalize this outfit.

Third Look: Smart Casual

If you need to step your look a little up, then the smart casual look that Chris works flawlessly may be something you would want to consider. Get a light blue tee on with a pair of dark blue trousers and you have it! In terms of accessories, a grey tie, striped socks, a colored belt and a pair of brown brogues are the perfect way to bring the outfit to an advanced level of style.

Beamed Up!

Chris Pine is kind of a pioneer when it comes to casual and smart outfits. Just give him a couple of simple ordinary pieces and he will establish them to a perfect stylish combo in blink of an eye. These outfits benefit from their simplicity and the ease in which they can be put together and changed to match your own personal style preference. Chris Pine is surely a pro when it comes to casual wear and the most of us could learn a lot about comfortable and cozy casual fashion. You don’t need to be a super human to work out these looks, all you need is just a little fashion knowledge and a few clicks to grab these easy pieces. Be sure to check out ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ in cinemas now.

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