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Holiday Menu

Whether you enjoy the holidays as a couple or with friends and family this menu is sure to please. Several of the dishes can be made in advance which makes your life easier. They are noted with asterisks. Also, you

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving in the USA is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Delicious Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe

When it comes down to it, chicken is brilliant to use in a soup recipe. In this article, we look at a delicious way of combining leftover chicken to make a healthy and nutrient-dense soup.


Kolaches, Kolackys – What's the difference? Nothing that we were ever able to determine. But no matter how you spell this wonderful pastry it always tastes good. This recipe is one my daughter Dru, an excellent baker, adapted from my

Melted Cheese Sandwich

Cheese sandwiches for breakfast anyone? Oh yes—and this simple-to-make chewy and crunchy cheese melt combo is the sandwich of choice. Chewy mozzarella, crunchy fresh green peppers and onions, spicy pepperoni, and Italian seasonings deliciously stacked on buttery English muffin rounds

Apple Chutney

This week we have the amazing fantasy author Chris Pavesic in the kitchen preparing a delicious and healthy addition to your dinner menu. The kitchen is all yours, Chris.

3-2-1 Pear-Up

Looking for a sweet treat this weekend? HL Carpenter is in the kitchen and shares a pear dessert recipe with us

Death by Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake

Death by Chocolate Ice-Cream Cake is a special cake that I make for friends/family who love chocolate. It is a perfect treat for a summer birthday. This is a big cake, so be sure to invite a lot of people

Salmon Smear

Lizzie T. Leaf is in the kitchen whipping up the perfect weekend breakfast.  I love smoked salmon and enjoy the sides of thinly sliced red onions, sour cream, and capers usually served with them. Then I came up with the

Kumquat Pie

We're fortunate enough to live where fresh citrus fruit is readily available, and one of our favorites is a small oval sweet-sour gem called the kumquat. We like simple, and there's no peeling, coring, or slicing involved in kumquat eating.