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The key to battle royale games popularity

The battle royale genre continues to break all records. Such wild popularity

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The key to battle royale games popularity

The battle royale genre continues to break all records. Such wild popularity leads to predictable results. More and more developers are starting to create custom battle royales, which means the genre is just getting started.

What is Destiny 2 Boosting? | Sherpas of Destiny

Video game boosting, including Destiny 2 boosting, can help you save time and improve your gaming skills. Learn more about this widely used service now.

4 Famous Multiplayer Mobile Games of This Century

Online multiplayer games are nowadays the most played one. Every gamer loves to play these free multiplayer mobile games.

5 Real-World Skills Taught By Video Games

Video games get a bad rep. People are quick to point the finger of blame because video games are sedentary (you spend all your time sitting down to play them), unsociable (although you can hook up with players from all

The Rise And Fall Of Hearthstone

It is now six years since video gaming giant Blizzard delighted its fans by launching Hearthstone. The digital card game received universal acclaim for its simple rules, strategic depth, high production values, blistering pace and winning personality. It continued to

Roblox – The Biggest Creative Game Today

On August 02, 2019, Roblox surpassed 100 million monthly active users (MAU) on PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. It was a surprise for the entire industry, but Roblox has really become the most popular creative sandbox, outpacing

Most Popular Free-to-play Gaming Apps of 2019

The industry of games is very versatile and weird at the same time. The most popular franchises do not certainly provide the best graphics or inventive plot. Researches show that the secret is in total simplicity of ideas, feasible gameplay,

What It Takes To Become A Successful Twitch Streamer

There are literally thousands of gamers who are enticed by the prospect of becoming a Twitch streamer and it’s not difficult to see why. Not only could it mean potentially making a living out of playing games, but it also

Things You Need To Start And Succeed As A Gaming YouTuber

YouTube gaming is quite popular but not many people know how to get started. If you'd like to be the next Pewdiepie, the following information might just help you get on the right track.

Opening Seven Days to Die Game Review

HorridCarrot have reviewed the fantastically buggy ‘Seven Days to Die’ a game where you are thrust into a post-apocalyptic Zombie-filled wasteland and asked to simply survive.