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Interview with Donice Morace

You can’t fake authentic. You know it when you see it –

Interview with Leesa Csolak

Leesa Csolak has forty plus years working with the parents of talented children, teens

Interview with Jeremy Voltz

Burned-out mathematician turned indie-soul artist, Jeremy Voltz’s music is inspired by thinking

Interview with Tyler Herwig

Across the Midwest, Tyler Herwig is known as the preferred acoustic artist.

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Interview with Tara MacLean

Canadian singer/songwriter Tara MacLean has been an internationally renowned and award-winning recording and touring artist for over 25 years.

Interview with Kyle Richardson

Canadian LGBTQIA+ pop artist Kyle Richardson brings a smooth vocal delivery and deep emotional arcs to a soulful modern pop sound. Writing heartfelt songs that channel past experiences and emotions, he delivers melody-driven, lyrically-rich music that is relatable, hopeful, and empowering.

Interview with Gary Beals

Gary is a Juno nominated recording artist who continues to breathe passion into his music. Born and raised in Cherry Brook, a small predominately Black community in the province of Nova Scotia, Gary first fell in love with music growing

The Color Purple in theaters December 25, 2023

Warner Bros. Pictures invites you to experience the extraordinary sisterhood of three women who share one unbreakable bond in “The Color Purple.”

Interview with Misha Penton

Misha Penton a singer, composer, director, writer, and filmmaker. She invents and perform solo and collaborative dramatic new music works. Her projects blossom in many forms: live performance, audio projects, video works, site specific installations, visual art works, lyrics, and

The Furious Seasons Dive Deep on New Album “Every Morning at Five” – We Get the Inside Scoop!

The acoustic trio known as The Furious Seasons skillfully weaves narratives into their musical compositions. These stories intricately explore the struggles faced by individuals in dire circumstances, depict a vivid portrayal of 21st-century Los Angeles, and narrate instances of quiet

Get to know The Ian Fays

THE IAN FAYS are a Northern Californian indie pop-rock group composed of identical twin sisters, Lizzie and Sara.

Patrick Ferris of The Americans Talks Shop About Latest EP “Strays”

In a masterful musical revelation, the esteemed Los Angeles-based ensemble, The Americans, unveils their intricate latest EP, "Strays," transcending the conventional boundaries of their genre. "Strays" stands as a remarkable showcase of the band's prowess in redefining rock & roll

Get to know the Blue Shamrocks

Their traditional-sounding country music, combined with fun jive, waltz, and line dance elements, is sure to get you moving.

Interview with Natasha Kitty Katt

Natasha Kitty Katt is not your average DJ and producer; she's an otherworldly force, an intergalactic vampire.