Cate O’Conner releases epic fairytale debut music video “The Labyrinth” with Better Off Records and Poolhaus

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Cate O’Conner is set to take her audience on a haunting journey through a darkly twisted fairytale gone wrong in her latest music video, “The Labyrinth.”

This cinematic masterpiece, directed by Glennellen Anderson, weaves a narrative that transcends traditional music videos, exploring themes of self-love and the perils of seeking love in all the wrong places.

Raw and real, ethereal yet haunting, melancholy but triumphant, “The Labyrinth” is told from the perspective of her most healed self as Cate O’Conner takes us down the long winding path to finding self-love after searching for love in a man who could not even love himself.  The cinematic production sets the scene of a mental hedge maze, and its poetic lyrics help guide us through it so that we can see the story from the outside in while somehow feeling directly involved.

“‘The Labyrinth’ is ultimately a triumph story. It celebrates the ability to leave toxic situations and look back on them from a healed perspective. Our journeys and experiences are what makes us who we are, even the bad and the ugly. But in those dark and trying times, there is always a time to look back and see that it made you stronger,” says Cate. “This is my first song release, but music has always been a part of my life. I can’t wait to share with you the fantastical entries from my musical fairytale book.”

“The Labyrinth” music video was directed by Glennellen Anderson, shot by Joseph Roberts, assistant directed by Brittney Rush, produced by POOLHUAS PRODUCTIONS and Better Off Red Nation, executive produced by Cate O’Conner and Better Off Red Records, creatively produced by Glennellen Anderson, with editing, color, and foley design by Joseph Roberts and Glennellen Anderson, hair and makeup assistance by Allyssa Encinia, and performances from Cate O’Conner, Hayden Cordova, and Jenny Redmon.

“The Labyrinth” song was written and performed by Cate O’Conner, produced by Better Off Red Records, engineered by Hunter Britt, mixed and mastered by Sam Valentine, and features piano by Hunter Britt, guitar, bass, and percussion by Brooks Brown, strings by Benedikt Brydern, and background vocals by Chris Jenkins, Glennellen Anderson, and Hunter Britt.

“The Labyrinth” is a raw and authentic portrayal of the human experience, embracing ethereal and melancholic undertones while ultimately triumphing over the darkness within.

About Cate O’Conner

Cate O’Conner is a newly discovered music artist, having channeled most of her creativity through the gamer community.  On top of being a pro Twitch affiliate, Cate is also a proud Tolkienite.  Her love for LOTR, folklore and renaissance fairs bleed into her creative world and have made an impact on her own personal lifestyle.  Recently, O’Conner poured it into her music.  Her lyrics were kept secret, safely tucked between her huge book collection.  But now her diary is out for the world to hear with its first lyrical chapter entry: THE LABYRINTH.

Newly classified as cinematic songstress, Cate’s genre falls under the umbrella of pop music as “dark academia indie pop.”  She is signed to the indie label, Better Off Records, enabling her the opportunity to pursue her music as an independent artist.  While new to the music industry, she is not new to the arts.

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