Catastrophic Injury: 6 Things You Need to Know About

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A catastrophic injury can cause the victim to endure agony and suffering for the rest of their lives. It can also prevent the victim from ever being able to earn a living or become a parent due to permanent impairment. In most cases, victims of catastrophic injuries must undergo significant medical care, including rehabilitation and surgical procedures.

You should consult your injury lawyer if your life has been changed due to a catastrophic injury caused by another person’s negligence. The personal injury lawyer will review your legal rights with you and examine the details of your case to identify the next actions to take.

Accidents that have catastrophic consequences can cause damage to vital parts of the body, including the central nervous system, the breathing system, the reproductive organs, and others. Most of the time, the injuries can be classified into one of the following six groups.

Loss of Limbs

The loss of an arm, leg, or digit in a catastrophic event is called an “amputation” or “traumatic amputation.” Amputation leaves a lifetime impairment, leading to loss of productive employment and emotional and psychological suffering, among other concerns.

Severe Burns

Burns of the third or fourth degree that covers a significant area of the body pose a significant risk to the patient’s life. Those who endure the ordeal typically have chronic pain, loss of motion, deformity, and scars.

There is a significant risk that they will suffer an impairment that will hinder their capacity to make a living or continue enjoying their life as they had in the past. Most will require reconstructive procedures such as skin grafts, plastic surgery, and physical therapy to recover.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Paralysis can develop from spinal cord damage. In some situations, the injured person may lose movement below the damaged location. Paraplegia affects the lower extremities and quadriplegia. Spinal cord injury victims may spend their lives in a wheelchair or on a respirator.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Accidental head trauma can induce swelling or bleeding that damages brain tissue. Traumatic brain injuries sometimes cause lasting physical and cognitive disabilities since our brains govern so much. Even those who recover require counseling and rehabilitation.

Internal Bleeding

In a catastrophic vehicle collision, a ruptured kidney is possible. Internal organ injury can cause disability. Recovering patients may spend months enduring treatments and operations, making them unable to work or live normally.

Traumatic Fractures

A traumatic fracture is caused by an external force, such as an accident or fall, and the damage caused by the fracture may never be completely repaired. If a fracture cannot be completely treated, the patient may be left with a permanent reduction in movement, nerve damage, pain, and suffering.

If you are suffering from any catastrophic injury, you can seek legal help. A lawyer will help you with compensation for catastrophic injuries, and you will be compensated fairly. Even though the money will not bring total peace, it will be better than nothing.

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