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The Captain's Man, by Scarlet Blackwell

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Book Series
Captain #1
About the Author
Scarlet writes erotic romance.

Scarlet would rather stick pins in her eyes than go on Facebook but now sees the necessary evil of it. Please join her there for useless writing-related ramblings and hot men musings and ease her in gently. Bah.
Publication Date
November 25, 2015
Content Warning
There are some dubious consent scenes. This book contains scenes of auto-fellatio and voyeurism/exhibitionism."
Moonlight and the lights of Rhodes Town shone on the ink-black water. Waves lapped gently against the side of the ship. Distant music swelled and ebbed from the dining room.

Joshua Addison had never felt more alone.

He’d had a partner when he’d won this two-week cruise around the Mediterranean six months ago, shortly before Drew had left him for another man. Now Josh was here alone, thousands of miles from home. He’d flown to meet the cruise liner on the island of Rhodes, boarded, walked around suite, then come out onto the private balcony. He’d been aboard approximately ten minutes and already felt like hurling himself into the ocean.

A sudden cry split his self-pitying reverie.

“Shit, what are you doing, Freddie? Why are you using your teeth? Christ!”

Josh’s glance jerked sideways. He gazed across the wall separating his balcony from his neighbors’, squinting at two shapes in the dark.

There was a man on his knees being held by the hair by a man on his feet.

“Sorry, I’ve got cramp in my leg. Fuck…” The man on his knees shook one leg out behind him violently.

“Jesus, you nearly bit my dick off.”

Josh’s face heated and he tried to sink back into the shadows in case his neighbors thought he was a peeping Tom.

It was too late.

“Shit,” cursed the man on his feet, fumbling at his pants while his partner lurched up.

The man giving the public sexual favor stepped toward the wall with a cheeky grin. Of small stature and thin, with dark hair, he was dressed smartly for dinner, even if his shirt was luminous pink. “Hi, you must be our neighbor. We were just”—he coughed—”christening the place.” He held out his hand.

Josh regarded it dubiously before shaking. “Josh Addison.”

“I’m Freddie Booth. This is Erik Dalby.”

Freddie’s partner approached the wall. Taller, with red hair and a nice smile, he put his arm around Freddie’s waist. “Sorry we disturbed you.”

Josh was more embarrassed than his exhibitionist neighbors. He mumbled something appropriate.

“Who’re you here with?” Erik asked.

“No one.” Josh glanced back toward the safety of his cabin, desperate to closet himself inside.

“Why not?” Freddie asked boldly.

Josh glared at him. “Because I’m sad and lonely and have no friends.” He stalked back to his cabin and slammed the door.


* * * *


Music woke Josh, together with laughing and shouting. Bright sunshine streamed through the curtains. The ship was still docked at Rhodes. He stretched and turned over in bed, listening with irritation to the racket outside for a few seconds before he got up and walked into the lounge area of the cabin to pull back the curtain at the window.

It was his exhibitionist neighbors, of course, and they seemed to be dancing a particularly erotic tango, each wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos.

Josh stared. Erik had Freddie around the waist with one arm, one thigh thrust between his as he marched him backward, dropped him and caught him before he leaned over to press a kiss to his lips as Freddie shrieked in delight.

Josh let the curtain fall back. Jesus Christ, was this what he could look forward to for the next two weeks—Erik and Freddie rubbing his face in his loneliness at every opportunity? He hated them both.

A shower didn’t help his sour mood, nor did a glance at his watch that told him he’d missed breakfast. Cursing, he pulled on linen shorts and a T-shirt, then left the cabin to find the dining room with the hope of getting a snack.

He was soon lost on the vast ship. He hadn’t put on suntan lotion and the mid-morning sun was already hot enough to burn. Hot and perspiring, he cursed his way around the cruise liner, his bad temper growing and his stomach growling.

I want to go home. I want to go back to Alaska where it’s cold and I can hide away.

The Captain always goes down with his ship.Josh Addison is recovering from a broken heart on a two week cruise of the Mediterranean.Enter the captain of the ship, the dashingly handsome Kane Kessler. Josh is determined not to fall for him and convinced Kane won t look twice. That s not what his crazy neighbours Erik and Freddie think and neither does Kane himself.He wants to make Josh the Captain s Man.Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of auto-fellatio and voyeurism/exhibitionism."

Editor reviews

1 reviews

Funny, But Lacking Romance
Movie Potential - ★★★☆☆
Ease of reading – easy to read and understand
Would I read it again - Possibly

*There may be spoilers ahead.*

To start with, I want to say that I really enjoyed this. I wanted to give it a solid 4.5 stars, but there were a few instances that really spoiled the story for me and that's why it's so low and why I've marked the spoiler before I get started. I don't usually like to give spoilers, but this one is necessary.



The idea of a passenger falling for the cruise ship Captain really appeals to me. The way it's written and the way Josh deals with everything that
happens is great and realistic. He reacts as most normal people would, which is nice to see.

The 'romance' of the story is more like lust-at-first-sight, rather than anything truly romantic. The 'relationship' is mostly about sex, but there are a few moments when you can really see chemistry between them. Because of that, there are a lot of sex scenes and this is where my main problem lies – I don't mind rough sex or kink, both of which are included in small doses, but I have a hard time dealing with the kind of consent that isn't thought about. The characters never take the time to ask if anything is acceptable; there are no boundaries. When one says no (Josh tries to throw Kane out in their first encounter, but he won't go; and Josh rims Kane when he isn't sure and doesn't officially consent) the other one tends to push him into it regardless. That's bordering the consent line far too closely for my liking. Kane has even pushed and shoved Josh in anger, in an over-reaction to situations.

Then, the full star removed, comes from the following issue – the engine room. This is nothing less than rape. That's NOT romantic. Saying it's one of Josh's fantasies doesn't negate the fact that Kane doesn't know that and Josh clearly said no, more than once. Kane went ahead with it anyway and, in my book, that is rape. I don't care if he changed his mind afterwards or if he was playing coy. No means no and neither of these characters really respect that. Kane even scolds Josh for asking to have sex without a condom, when they run out. They're total strangers and I'm on Kane's side with this, but it doesn't change the fact that Josh almost went ahead without one anyway.

The relationship between Kane and Josh is as much love and hate, as my relationship with this book is. There is a lot of temper tantrums, misunderstandings and overreactions on both parts. There's chemistry, but no romance and no build up. These are all the reasons that I love and hate the story.



I really liked Josh, who was a bit depressed and negative, because of the circumstances. He'd been with a guy for 5 years, who he thought was
coming on the cruise ship with him, until his partner took off with a new man. Now he's on the cruise alone and you can really feel how rotten he feels about this sudden twist his life has taken.

Erik and Freddie, his neighbours, who he meets on the cruise, are amazing. They're fabulous and scandalous in the most brilliant way. They are
the light to Josh's darkness. I really love their dynamic and how they offer Josh a little sunshine, as they take him on as their pet project.

Despite the book being called “The Captain's Man”, the actual Captain, Kane, is actually barely in the story. He's one of the main characters, but his POV's are few and far between and kind of pointless. I really don't see why his POV's are included, because they don't tell us anything we don't already see from Josh's POV.

Kane is also one of my least favourite characters. About 50% of the time I hated him and the rest of the time I really loved him. He could be tender and romantic, but he was also arrogant, rude and violent more often than I'd have liked. Josh put up with it sometimes and encouraged it at others.



I read this in one sitting, because I really enjoyed the story and the characters. However, I can't give it the 4.5 stars that it deserves. I removed 1 star because of the dub-con and the rape scene. I took another half star off for the lack of romance. There was chemistry, sure, but it's a raging, need-to-get-you-into-bed chemistry; nothing to justify the three little words Josh utters after only a fortnight.

The story ends with a HFN, but I don't see a bright, shiny future ahead.

For me, I'd have much preferred this story to end with John giving into to the allure of Erik and Freddie, to end with a poly-MMM HEA, rather than to let Kane get his way. He's such an arrogant, egoist character that I really, really hope he will improve in the next book.



“There was Josh’s problem. Being grateful to a man like Kane for throwing crumbs from his table. He didn’t want to feel grateful. He wanted to feel like an equal, a man desired for who he was, not as someone to pass the time. His lack of self-esteem had ruined last night. Never again would he tangle with someone as stunning as Kane. He needed to stick to what he knew.”

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