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The Captain's Beloved, by Scarlet Blackwell

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Book Series
Captain #2
About the Author
Scarlet writes erotic romance.

Scarlet would rather stick pins in her eyes than go on Facebook but now sees the necessary evil of it. Please join her there for useless writing-related ramblings and hot men musings and ease her in gently. Bah.
Publication Date
February 16, 2016
Content Warning
Warning: (from the author): This book contains small ménage scene, exhibitionism, spanking and dubious use of cucumbers.

Warning: (from me): This book also contains a rape fantasy, 3-some, 4-some and low kink, calling partner slut and whor
Captain Kane Kessler had been back in Josh Addison’s life exactly five minutes and already he was trying to touch him intimately, pawing at him through his clothes in the hall as Josh tried to kick his shoes off, giggling, falling over his feet.

“Wait…wait…just let me…”

Kane growled. His own shoes were long gone, his coat on the floor. He grabbed Josh, swept him up into his arms and carried him through the living room toward the stairs. Josh clung on, panting in excitement, his last shoe dropping off halfway up the stairs.

Kane paused at the top, looking at the three doors ahead of him. “Which one?”

“Straight ahead.”

Kane leaned down to devour his mouth as he carried Josh into his bedroom, dropping him unceremoniously onto the bed.


Josh scrambled to obey. Oh God, never in his wildest fantasies had he imagined any reunion with Kane going this way. Never had he expected Kane to stride back into his life and take command the way he ran that cruise ship where he’d seduced Josh effortlessly last summer.

Josh wore his less sexy boxers, having hardly expected to come home from work to an evening of passion. But Kane, intent on stripping, didn’t seem to notice in the darkness of the room. Instead he stood naked and grinning at the end of Josh’s bed as though awaiting inspection.

Josh tossed the boxers into a dark corner. He groaned, gripping the bedcovers as his gaze took in the chiseled jaw and midnight-black hair of the captain before he feasted his eyes on his six feet two of hard muscle and his glorious cock. “Shit, I think you might have gotten even hotter, if that’s possible.”

Kane’s grin widened, gray eyes glinting. “Now I know why I like you so much, Josh.”

Josh’s smile slipped slightly. Kane’s ego he could do without, a gentle reminder that Josh wasn’t in his league and was lucky Kane had ever noticed him. Not that Kane had ever said that when they were together. On the contrary, he had showered Josh with compliments and told him he was beautiful. Josh’s inferiority complex was all in his own imagination.

Kane grabbed his pants and dug into the pocket. He dropped a box of condoms and a tube of lubricant on the bed. Then he pounced.

They kissed, Kane holding Josh’s hands down by his head in a way that drove his excitement to boiling point. When Josh flexed his wrists, Kane merely pressed harder until Josh whimpered, bucking his erection into Kane’s, desperate to touch him.

Kane let go and sat back on his heels, smirking. He reached for the condom box and unwrapped it before he took out one foil square, tearing it open.

Perhaps he saw the disappointed look on Josh’s face as he rolled the condom on because he said, “This might not be the romantic reunion you were hoping for and more of a wham, bam, thank you, man, and I’m sorry about that, but, Josh baby, if you so much as touch me, I’ll explode.”

He always read Josh just right, but he always knew just what to say too. “It’s okay,” Josh said softly, running his hands up Kane’s bare thighs.

Kane opened the lube. “You sure?”

“Yes. I want you.”

“Good.” Kane leaned down to kiss him. Wet fingers probed gently between Josh’s legs. Kane left a trail of searing kisses down Josh’s torso to his groin. He sucked Josh’s cock down while he fingered him.

Josh writhed beneath him, gripping Kane’s hair. “Fuck, oh, Kane, I missed you, I missed you.” He could have bitten his tongue off. Well done, Josh. He’s here ten minutes and already you’re getting all emotional. He’ll be out the door as soon as he’s shot his load.

Kane looked up from beneath dense lashes, eyes unreadable in the darkness. He slid off Josh’s cock and settled himself on his arms over him. “I missed you too,” he whispered with lips an inch away from Josh’s as he thrust into him.

Josh arched up in shock, clawing Kane’s back. He’d had no one in four months and the pain-pleasure of the penetration was exquisite. He danced along a line of ecstasy so double-edged as Kane fucked him he wasn’t sure whether to beg him to stop or scream for more.

Kane noticed. He stopped his movements. “Are you okay?” He stroked damp hair back gently from Josh’s face.

“Yes, yes.”

“Are you sure?”


“Can you take this?”

“I think I proved I could take you last summer.”

“That was last summer. Has it been a while?” Kane held steady eye contact. He was asking Josh if there’d been anyone else since him.

Cornered, Josh didn’t want to admit there’d been no one else…that made him look like the sad, lonely bastard he was, laying around at home pining for Kane. Nor did he want to lie and make himself out to be the biggest slut in Alaska. Instead he clasped Kane’s buttocks, pulling him closer. “Please, Kane.”

Kane sighed. He cupped Josh’s head in a big hand and kissed him. Something about this kiss seemed different from those Josh had received in the two weeks he had spent with Kane. He seemed…softer, less abrasive, more tender. Josh was sure he imagined it. Kane was just trying to ease Josh back into the saddle with minimum fuss. That was all.

Kane rocked forward slowly. Josh sucked in his breath as Kane nudged his prostate. Kane carried on with the slow, easy movements, and Josh floated away into paradise. He remembered the rough love the two of them had enjoyed on a couple of occasions. The love Kane seemed ashamed of after, because that wasn’t him.

Now he was proving that slow and easy had its place too and could be just as good. Josh never would have imagined that the frenzied kissing in the hall downstairs and the frantic stripping a few minutes ago would lead to this—a slow burn like they had all the time in the world. And they did. At least four months anyway.

Josh wrapped his limbs around Kane, holding him tight, meeting every tilt of his pelvis with his own. They kissed, lips not breaking, panting into each other’s mouths, and Josh felt the dizzying climb to orgasm begin.

Kane slid a hand between their bodies. He stroked Josh leisurely, an unhurried pace in time with his thrusts. Josh started to gasp and moan and cling harder to his lover.

Kane’s tongue wrapped around his. He thrust deeper and more firmly and Josh’s toes curled.

For a few strokes, Kane plundered him like those nights on the ship, and Josh cried out, shuddering long and hard as he came.

It’s four months since Josh Addison fell for Kane Kessler, the Captain of his vacation cruise liner. He never thought to set eyes on him again but Kane’s come all the way to Anchorage to see him.

For Kane this is a casual hook-up during his downtime. He wants to prevent his heart getting involved at all costs. But Josh, hopelessly in love, has different ideas…

Reader Advisory: This book contains small ménage scene, exhibitionism, spanking and dubious use of cucumbers.

Editor reviews

1 reviews

All Sex and No Substance
Movie Potential - ★☆☆☆☆
Ease of reading – easy to follow, but frustrating
Would I read it again – No.



Warning: (from the author): This book contains small ménage scene, exhibitionism, spanking and dubious use of cucumbers.
Warning: (from me): This book also contains a rape fantasy, 3-some, 4-some and low kink, calling partner slut and whore.
(small ménage scene is an understatement)



To be honest, this story really made me angry. Book 1 wasn't a shining star, but everything that I loved about that is what is missing from book 2. Basically, The Captain's Beloved was all sex and no plot. There was no attempt at any plot except whether Josh and Kane's constant sexual experiences would result in a relationship or not, while there was at least a hint of a plot in book 1.

The story was lost in amongst all the explicit sex. It's basically about Josh and Kane screwing around and arguing whenever and as often as they can, until they break and confess to being 'in love', even when there's nothing to justify the feeling. This book is NOT a romance. It's a one-handed read, with a sliver of plot thrown in. And that's not what I signed up for. The romance is non existent and would have been the one thing to save this story, if it was more present. Instead, it's just a bunch of hot, quick sex and the main characters being delusional enough to believe it means anything.

The Inferno scene was hard to picture, because the transitions between positions wasn't clear. There were times when I had no idea what they were supposed to be doing, because one minute they'd been on a sofa and the next it sounded as though they were moving into positions that were truly impossible on that sofa.

The sex was at least once every chapter, if not more often, and used as a solution to every problem. The arguments were overreacting and unbelievable, while there's never any real conversation about feelings that isn't interrupted by or pushed aside for sex. There wasn't one sex scene that was fade to black and even just hinted at. I mean, by the 30% mark, I could tell when sex was coming from the direction the conversation took, so I began skimming the sex scenes from here on out, which left me with very little story left to actually read. I got sick of the sex really quickly.

I have no problem with kink in stories, as I've read some super heavy ones with BDSM and all sorts. But there is one thing I don't like, that I avoid like a plague – one partner calling the other a slut and a whore. Both of which Kane does to Josh, without ever once asking if that's something he likes. Which is a typical theme of this series – no one ever asks for consent before trying something new, that no two strangers would actually go through with, without discussing it first. Example: the dub/con in both books, the no-condom incident from book 1 and the name calling.

The stuff they do in the bath, all mouths and fingers, sounds disgusting when you know Josh was lying up to his neck in scented bubbles, but there's never any mention of trying to brush them away or douse them with some water. The cucumber incident was also gross. I've never read food play in this way before, but this one taught me that I don't like it.



Kane is just as arrogant as before, as sexually brutal and uses sex as a solution to everything. I still don't like him, despite the moments of 'tenderness' that are sprinkled throughout. Yes, there are times when he is gentle and considerate, but those are few and far between and they don't gel with the character we were introduced to in book 1. He's more childish and peevish than ever. When things get uncomfortable, he turns into a mean, spiteful jerk who is hard to like, as a main character.

Josh is a little more pathetic and love sick, but that fits with his personality and is completely understandable. A lot of reviews have labelled Josh needy, which he is a bit, but this story makes it more obvious why. He was a doormat to Drew, who never understood or supported him, and is lost without someone to give him direction. But, what I see is him growing in confidence and learning to stick up for himself now that he's met Kane.

For me, Josh is the best thing about this series, followed closely by Erik and Freddie. If Kane wasn't a main character, I'd be much happier. He's just not a likeable person, but he's used as a reason to make Josh more sexually adventurous and provoke these multiple exploits.

I was really pleased to see Erik and Freddie back. They had an equal part in this story as they did in book 1, so that was really nice. But, I was disappointed to see that Freddie had this potential story arc that was completely ignored. I would have liked some form of resolution about it.



There was too much sex and not enough plot. The writing was a little more erratic than before (though, as this is an ARC the formatting issues may change). POV were mixed, without the usual separation between Kane and Josh's.

I have to say that this author isn't for me. I like plot to come first and be 90% of the story, not the sex. This book was the complete opposite and a let down, after the enjoyable equality of book 1. Unless these two books are the anomaly, I won't be reading any more of Blackwell's work.

At the end of this book, all I had were questions. Where was the romance? Where's the spark and fire outside the bedroom? Arguing isn't spark and romance; not the way these characters do it.

This story just didn't have enough depth for me. It was all sex and no substance. Great foundation, but lazy plotting. Both books could easily have been merged into one if you removed the mountain of unnecessary sex scenes from book 2, that cluttered and hid the plot. Book 1 had so much potential that I wanted to love this one. Now, I wish I hadn't read it. This story ruined the greatness of book 1 for me and has left me really disappointed and sad that these characters have been led to such an end. If there are more books in this series – even if it's Freddie and Erik – I won't be reading them. I can't bear to take the chance on it and have these great characters ruined by a plot that doesn't do them justice. And that makes me really sad.
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