Can You Trust Your Applicants?

The hiring process is the business version of a date night. You need to make your profile visible to others, showcasing your best features as honestly as you can. On an online dating site, this could be the blurb about your personal interests or simply the choice of your profile picture. For companies on a recruiting site, it’s all about your achievements, your mission, and your presence on the market. 

Then potential partners make their approaches. On a dating site, they might get in touch with you directly and engage in a few banter before arranging a meeting. On a recruiting website, they send their resumes and hope for the best. 

Finally, the most exciting part of the dating process begins. You get to really know each other. At first, it might be a simple discussion over coffee, but then it can turn into an afternoon out or even a dinner, during which you can spend meaningful time together. The professional side doesn’t allow for so many hobbies and spare time; therefore, you need to find ways to speed up the getting-to-know-each-other process. You have to figure out if you can trust your applicants. 

Don’t take their word for granted

Your applicants’ profiles are designed to place in the best possible light. As such, you’re unlikely to discover any worrying information just by reading someone’s resume. That’s precisely why you should always consider doing a background check on the most promising candidates. What a background check consists of depends on your business and your requirements, as well as on the local regulations. For instance, it’s common practice to check someone’s criminal reports, identity, and credit history in the financial and banking sectors. However, credit history can be overlooked in office jobs that don’t require financial management, for example. Ultimately, screening potential employees is the best thing you can do to protect your company. 

It’s surprisingly easy to pass some online tests

Should you trust online accreditations? With the rise in popularity for online studies, it would be unfair to pretend that a remote degree doesn’t count every bit as much as a degree passed at a physical college. Indeed, online education allows professionals to learn new skills while they carry on working. Additionally, fees are a lot more affordable than going to college. However, there is a significant difference between online studies and online tests. Indeed, someone who takes online exams for industry accreditations, such as Google Analytics, for instance, can easily cheat their way to passing the test. Indeed, as such certifications can be taken online, all one requires is to Google the questions to find the right answer. While it doesn’t mean everybody cheats, it’s essential to look for real experiences too. 

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What do people say about them? 

The advantage of looking for a professional partner rather than a dating companion is that you can enquire about their previous similar relationships. LinkedIn is a favorite for recruiters as it provides access to professional recommendations made by peers about your applicant. You can use these recommendations as a testimony of their skills. It’s not the kind of thing dating websites let you do! 

While trust should be earned as a professional relationship progresses, you can avoid unnecessary risks by gathering information about relevant applicants. From background checks to recommendations, there is a lot you can learn about a person. These checks act as the business pendant of the date nights. 

Can You Trust Your Applicants?

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