Buster Baer’s Playful Video for “Get Deeper”

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Buster Baer is back with a fun and lighthearted music video for his single “Get Deeper.” The single comes from Buster Baer’s latest EP, Mock Twang. 

Directed by Janelle Brosnan, the music video features Buster Baer and his newly found friend, a human-sized dog. Throughout the video we see Baer and the dog’s growing friendship as they hang out on the beach, play basketball, smoke weed, and more. The video ends with a twist when the dog turns out to not be man’s best friend after all and you’ll have to watch and see how Buster reacts. This creative video concept is definitely one to watch!

Buster Baer redefines the stereotypical slow, sad break-up song with “Get Deeper” by using an optimistic melody accompanied by a funky bass to focus on what his relationship would look like if the couple had taken a break to better themselves. 

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