Buster Baer Releases Groovy New EP

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Hermosa Beach native Buster Baer has just released his latest EP, Mock Twang. The four-track retro indie-pop collection was inspired by moments within a romantic relationship that began and ended during the pandemic. Hit singles “Sleepy Baby” and “Get Deeper” will be featured as well as two unreleased singles “Gone Fishin” and “In His Image”. Mock Twang is a smooth blend of vibrant beats, multi-instrumental melodies, and Buster Baer’s retro vocals that produces a groovy, vintage vibe.

 “This EP was all about a relationship that began and ended during quarantine. It’s an illustration of the philosophical perspective on romance and the monotony of the endless cycles of dating, losing ourselves in love, breaking up, and finding ourselves again.” – Buster Baer

Buster Baer wrote the song “Gone Fishin” during the holidays in 2020, inspired by the love and yearning that he felt early on in his relationship. The single has a crashing drum beat, an acoustic guitar melody (recorded from a canoe on a lake in Temecula, CA), and romantic lyrics sung in Baer’s unique, vintage tone. A highlight for us is the first single from the EP, “Get Deeper,” which puts an optimistic twist on sad break ups songs.

Always a music enthusiast, Buster Baer grew up listening to punk rock and The Beatles. By age 12, Buster Baer began playing drums but did not truly take music seriously until several years later. Baer’s journey with music has taken him to New Orleans and San Francisco. Now, he is back in Los Angeles and looking to push the boundaries of music and “give people a smile or a tear when they need one shaken loose.”
Mock Twang was entirely written and produced by Buster Baer.

The EP is available to stream here.

Stay tuned for more Buster Baer in 2022 by following him on TikTok and Instagram.

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