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Broken Truth and Honesty by Hydrocele

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“Broken Truth And Honesty is a hugely melodic ear worm” BBC Introducing The South

A lot has happened during the first year of Hydrocele , including the making a video in Menorca, playing at the legendary KOKO in London, wrecking cars and generally doing all the sort of things a young rock band do and which will remain private!

“Broken Truth and Honesty” is their fourth release after what has been an absolutely manic twelve months.    This new release started with the band being fed up writing about true events around a standard breakup.  Instead, they wrote a story about a more extreme relationship, tempered in musical form by the inclusion of a Gospel Choir adding a bit of Soul to proceedings, a first for the band!   Musically it hints the 90’s brit-pop scene, littered with hooks, with a more hard-hitting rock edge in the midsection.  Singer Freddie Wortley says:-  

“Lyrically Broken Truth and Honesty started with us being fed up of writing about true events about a standard breakup. We wrote a story around a relationship that ends in a more extreme manner.
Due to the partner not being honest and going behind his back, the man sees red and in his mind has a reason to be violent. Musically it hints the 90s brit-pop scene, with the more hard hitting rock edge in the midsection and touches upon soul with the gospel choir featuring on the track too”.

Following on the heels of their widely acclaimed previous singles “The Shapeshifter”, “Content With Concise” and “What You Looking At”, the Hydrocele   boys have delivered another massive tune, produced once again, by Pete Dowsett at RYP Studios, and like their live shows the boys playing is tighter than a pair of lycra cycling shorts.

The band consists of Freddie Wortley, 18 (lead vocals and guitar), Neemah Wright, 20 (guitar), Jonny Faires, 19 (bass) and Ian Wilson, 19 (drum skin destroyer).  Lead singer, guitarist and song writer Freddie gives a bit of a background to Hydrocele ;

“We met at college, ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford and through a producer.  We were all playing in different bands and kept crossing paths; we quickly realised we had similar tastes and ambitions in music, but most importantly enjoyed working together.  Obviously Pop and Rock have certain elements that are pretty rigid and structured. We try to adhere to certain elements for our music to have a mainstream appeal but we also want our music to have longevity. We want to showcase our skill and the years of practice we have put into our respective crafts. Music wouldn’t be what it is without the emotion that this incorporates. We think that both are very important. Listening to music produced now is crucial to staying relevant but keeping in touch with your influences is just as beneficial. As we are seeing now with a lot of Pop tunes, sometimes you have to go back to go forward.

As a band, we have a very diverse range of influences. Although we overlap in a lot of areas, we each have influences that explore very different corners of the musical universe. MacDemarco, The Smiths, Nothing But Thieves, Gregory Porter, Slaves, The Strokes, Foals, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Olatunji are but a few examples.”

“Broken Truth and Honesty” will be released this month on Incite Entertainment, look out for the video which will show Hydrocele at their best performing LIVE at KOKO.

Upcoming Shows

May 31 O2 Academy2 Islington supporting OMYO

June 2 O2 Academy2 Oxford supporting OMYO

July 28 The Sussex Music Festival 

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