Bri Oglu’s Bittersweet Music Video for Enough

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The feeling of heartbreak and being stuck in a toxic relationship is incomparable, and Bri Oglu has encapsulated that feeling through her newest music video for her single “Enough.” Oglu opens up about what it is like to be in love with an addict and having to let them go for your own well-being, paired with soft, heartfelt visuals. 

“I wanted the video to depict the highs and lows of dating someone unwell, juxtaposed by the light and sense of self that surfaces when you move on. My whole team, especially director Jacquie DiTroia, understood and really captured this notion perfectly. “ – Bri Oglu

The “Enough” video is filled with cinematic visuals of Oglu and her partner pushing back and forth through their struggles, but still having love for each other. Showcasing both their own addictions next to their comforting embrace of one another. “Enough” is the second installment from Bri Oglu’s debut EP, Somewhere Else. 

The sultry pop ballad is sure to leave fans wanting to hear more of what Bri Oglu has to offer. Her EP Somewhere Else is now available on Spotify.  Follow Bri Oglu on Instagram @BriOglu or by visiting

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