Bri Oglu Steps Into a New World With Debut EP Somewhere Else

Written by Divine Magazine

We all need an escape from the reality of our lives once in a while, and Bri Oglu dove deep into this concept with her debut EP Somewhere Else.  This six-track record is a collection of originals and covers that come together to allow the listener to escape.  We highly recommend giving “Slowly” and her cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” a spin!

“This EP was a product of the pandemic. It was something to focus my attention on and look forward to when the live music scene shut down. It was the “somewhere else” in my head, a compilation of songs written when I was anything but present, and my escape.” – Bri Oglu

Somewhere Else picks up where her previous singles left off. “Dream On,” “Enough,” and “Slowly” were Bri Oglu’s introduction to this world, and she has truly laid the foundation for this EP to make waves. Oglu was more honest than ever within these previously released songs, and with the 2 new tracks being unveiled, this EP is sure to touch the hearts of every listener. 

Bri Oglu is setting the perfect tone for the rest of her career with Somewhere Else, and we can continue to expect to hear more and more from Oglu. Filled with unique styling, lyricism, and vocals, Bri Oglu is an artist to watch. Stream Somewhere Else and follow Bri Oglu on Instagram @BriOglu or visit

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