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Breathe by Piper Scott

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Breathe by Piper Scott

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Book Series
Aurora (Book 8)
About the Author
Piper Scott debuted as a trio of authors looking to write together for fun. Their collaboration led to three novella-length books (Love Me, Save Me, and Keep Me,) before life sent them in different directions, leaving just one author with an omegaverse plot bunny that wouldn’t leave her alone. Obey was born several months later... but the plot bunny never left—it multiplied. Left to her own devices, Piper Scott writes scorching but heartfelt contemporary omegaverse romance about men you can’t help but fall in love with.
Publication Date
January 08, 2018
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Atop an empire of his own design lives an alpha waiting to die. 
 CEO Marshall Alcrest has the financial world at his feet, but it’s been years since he’s made an omega kneel… and he’s come to terms that it’s too late to ever see it happen again. A grim prognosis will cut his days short if he doesn’t take action soon, and Marshall is ready to say goodbye to his hollow, lonely life… at least, until he crosses digital paths with an omega who makes him feel alive again. 
 Trapped in a world that doesn’t see his value exists an omega dying to live. 
 Oli McKellar is stuck. He’s educated and ready to work, but his chosen field is alpha-dominated, and no marketing department is looking to hire a pretty omega with a sarcastic mouth. The bills are stacking up, his temp jobs barely cover rent, and he’s begun to think that life will never get better. The only thing that keeps him going is his online relationship with a man he only knows as Alcrest—an older, dominant alpha with a silver tongue who makes him feel like not all hope is lost. 
 When a chance encounter turns Oli and Marshall’s virtual relationship real, their chemistry is off the charts, and things quickly heat up. But Marshall is keeping a secret… and when Oli finds out that a hot night together isn’t all he has to remember Marshall by, they’ll need to figure out if the weight of their obstacles will choke them into submission, or if theirs is the kind of love that will conquer all and leave them both breathless. 
 Breathe is a 63,000 word BDSM-flavored mpreg novel set following the events of Obey, Beg, Stay, and Heal. This conclusion to the series is best enjoyed as a sequel, but can be read on its own. No matter which way you read it, there will still be copious amounts of maybe-babies, a spaghetti graveyard, sexts so filthy that someone legitimately passes out, and a shower scene that will leave you gasping. 

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Simply Amazing
I am a brand new reader of this author; indeed, I’d actually never even heard of her before volunteering to read this book. I have clearly been missing out! Breathe is a stunning conclusion to a series, but having not read the other four books, I still don’t feel that I was left out of any inside information. I’m sure, however, that it would certainly be enhanced had I read the others first. Also, let me state right off the bat that this is a non-shifting omegaverse mpreg story, so if you don’t care for that, you’ve been warned.
This is the story of an omega, Oliver, for whom life is one struggle after the next, and an alpha, Marshall, for whom life is coming to an end three years after a ruinous medical diagnosis. While Oli grapples with life, trying to get his feet back under him, Marshall has the means to survive his diagnosis, but doesn’t have the will.
This story took me to places I’d not traveled before. I loved that there was this extraordinary situation right from the start, that it wasn’t an alpha saving his omega, but rather the pair saving each other. The uniqueness allowed a fresh breeze to waft through the whole. The pacing was on point throughout the entirety, and the character growth on both sides was huge, with eyes opening on both sides as opposed to just one pushing the other to learn.
You will note that this is marked BDSM. However, it is more BDSM-lite, with nothing heavy beyond verbal commands. If BDSM normally turns you off, you should still have no issue at all with the sexy times. Speaking of which, there are plenty of them, and they are blazing!
I enjoyed every page of this book, even when I was thoroughly frustrated with Marshall, and I am rating it at 4.5 stars. It is simply amazing, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you are unfamiliar with this author, may I suggest that you reach out immediately and get your hands on this. You’ll discover a whole new world and an author you’ll be thankful to have tried!
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