BRE is Pretty in Pink With Her Girls in Her Rather Be Alone Video 

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BRE has released the music video for her new single “Rather Be Alone,” and it’s nothing short of a pink paradise!

The vibrant, stylish set is adorned with silk and satin as far as the eye can see; it looks like Regina George’s bedroom was given a modern, millennial makeover.BRE and her IRL friends breathe life into the set by having a grand ol’ time celebrating their friendships and spending time apart from the men that treated her so terribly. The video is undoubtedly a metaphor for the light that good friends bring into a person’s life, even if their SO treats them like garbage. Directed by BRE and Chalisa Singh, “Rather Be Alone” is sure to brighten up the mood of those who watch it.

“My vision for the ‘Rather Be Alone’ music video was to create the Ultimate Girls Night. The song is about preferring to be alone than deal with people who don’t treat you well, but the message of the video is that you aren’t alone when you have good friends around you. I wanted it to be a celebration of high standards and the joy that comes from taking care of yourself and spending time with your friends during the dating journey. My goal was to create a party that everyone would want to attend!”


Throughout its two minutes and fifty-five seconds, the video montages various activities that a group of friends might do on a night in, like having a DIY spa treatment with slices of cucumber or capturing moments together on a film camera. Elements like yellow on-screen subtitles and a direct replica of the Burn Book from Mean Girls (2004) also help tie in the visual concept of “a girl having a slumber party in the 2000s.” In conjunction with both the song and the video, “Rather Be Alone” paints an earnestly wholesome picture of a life full of friendship in the complicated world of dating in Los Angeles. Additionally, the music video is a great showcase of BRE as an artist and the personality she puts into her work. “Rather Be Alone” is available to stream on Spotify, and fans can follow her Instagram @bremusicpage. Watch the music video below:

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