‘BOYSTOWN Season Eleven’ Arrives August 3

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“The wait is almost over and it will have been worth it,” author Jake Biondi told fans of his BOYSTOWN book series. “Season Eleven is an epic roller coaster ride that will keep readers turning pages until they reach the book’s fantastic finale.”

The eleventh installment of the popular BOYSTOWN book series will arrive August 3, 2021. Readers may currently pre-order copies of the book.

Biondi previously revealed the exciting cover of the highly anticipated eleventh book in his BOYSTOWN seriesHe once again teamed up with designer John Logan to create the latest BOYSTOWN book cover. 

“I thought ten books was incredible and yet here we are revealing the cover of book eleven. It’s so exciting,” Biondi said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think BOYSTOWN would become the sensation that it has. I feel so blessed and so grateful.”

Biondi added, “I love that readers all over the world have connected with the BOYSTOWN characters for all these years and have remained committed to them through all their crazy ups and downs. These characters have become a part of who I am and I believe that BOYSTOWN readers have come to cherish them as well.”

The thrilling eleventh novel required an equally exciting cover and designer John Logan definitely delivered. “Creating the cover for Season Eleven was a lot of fun. I tried to capture the spirit of the previous books but take the design into a realistic and dynamic feel that really captures the gravity and drama of this installment,” said Logan.

The new cover features actor/model Ryan Love. “BOYSTOWN gives the phrase ‘curl up with a good book’ a whole new meaning,” said Love. “With mind-blowing cliffhangers at the end of each chapter, BOYSTOWN is, in a single word, addictive!  To have been asked to represent such an epic series as a cover model was the perfect icing to top off my profound obsession with these groundbreakingly provocative books.” 

Biondi promised that readers won’t be disappointed when the next installment of the BOYSTOWN series hits bookshelves in a few weeks. “Season Eleven picks up right where book ten left off and slowly reveals the resolutions to that book’s cliffhangers. Immediately upon opening the cover and reading page one, readers are going to be in for a series of shocks, including the deaths of three major characters in the first three chapters alone. It’s a pretty jaw-dropping sequence of events.” 

The BOYSTOWN book series continues to maintain an average customer rating of five stars, the highest possible rating on Amazon.com. “I am so proud of BOYSTOWN’s five-star rating on Amazon,” Biondi said. “It’s a tribute not only to the series itself, but to the incredible fans that BOYSTOWN has all over the world.”

“Jake Biondi is one of the most masterful writers of fiction of our time,” said Roger Ward in his review of the BOYSTOWN series. “The saga is told masterfully through several subplots which include unforeseen twists and turns that will leave the reader stunned and speechless.”

“Just when you think Jake Biondi and the BOYSTOWN series have nothing left to give, Biondi proves us all wrong,” said Shawn Knox in his review on Amazon.com. “Biondi is still leaving us speechless after ten epic seasons, and I personally can’t be more thrilled that BOYSTOWN hasn’t lost its edge but only gotten better.”

For additional information or to schedule an interview with author Jake Biondi, please send an email to [email protected]. Mr. Biondi may also be contacted via BoystownTheSeries.com, Twitter (@boystown_series), and Instagram (@boystowntheseries).

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