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Divine Magazine is always on the lookout for good books to review. And our team of reviewers is eager and willing to feast on them like fine diners…

If you want us to review your book, please read the guidelines below.

  • A submission does not necessarily guarantee a review
  • Book reviews can take several weeks, if not longer, depending on the word count and the reviewers allotted time. Please have patience.
  • If you need the review for a particular time, for example, for participation in a blog tour, please ensure we have the book at least two weeks prior to allow our reviewer time to read it.
  • Once the review is complete, it will be posted.
  • Every review is promoted on  Facebook and Twitter and any other social networks we may deem appropriate.
  • We’re accepting M/F books for a review, but they must be with gay characters.

Note: Divine Magazine is not responsible for the content in any of the reviews given.

Required Information

We need the following to process your Book Review Submission

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  • Tagline
  • Blurb
  • Author Name
  • Publisher
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  • Available Formats
  • Genre
  • Number of Pages
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Interested in getting your book reviewed by one of our amazing reviewers please send your review request to the reviewer with ‘Divine Magazine Book Review Request’ in the subject line.

Amy Leibowitz Mitchell


I won't read hardcore BDSM, "gay for you," incest, or anything with age play (or where one partner is actually underage). I prefer literary (vs romance), and I'm always happy to take trans, FF/lesfic, and YA.

I'm an author of lgbtqia fiction and freelance editor from western NY State. I'm also a spouse, parent, and musician falling somewhere on the Geek-Nerd Spectrum. I love to read, and I'm open to reading any genre all over the rainbow. I most enjoy literary and young adult fiction, and I especially like when there's a diverse cast of characters.


Cat Clontz


I am happy to review any romances of the following categories (note: contemporary only for all categories): BDSM (no non-con, please, unless it's consensual non-con, no littles), m/m, m/m/m, erotic, paranormal (vampires, shifters, mpreg). All categories must have an HEA or HFN. I choose not to review: f/f, m-to-f trans, m/f, m/f/m, m/m/f, historical, horror, literary, cliffhangers (story arcs with conclusive end per story yet overall series continues are fine), sci-fi, taboo, NA, YA, zombies.

I learned to read upside down and backward at the age of three while sitting across the table from my grandmother as she read the morning paper and sipped at her cup of coffee (which she refused to share – I was forced to drink milk). It wasn’t until I was in second grade that a teacher made me turn my book around and learn to read it the “proper” way. Now I can easily read both ways, much to the amusement of my family. An avid bibliophile, I have purchased and read at least 1000 books and have donated more than 700 to various libraries and VA hospitals across the United States. A few years ago my spouse and child got together to gift me a Kindle so that I would quit buying books and filling up every bookcase to overflowing. But wait – isn’t that what bookcases are for??? At any rate, I now thoroughly enjoy both physical as well as e-reads. A human resources professional by trade, regardless of where I am, I can be found with either a book or my Kindle in my possession. Lunchtime? I’m reading. Red light? I’m reading. Stuck in a traffic snarl on the freeway? I’m reading. Relaxing at home? I’m reading. I’m sensing a theme here! In my forty-something years, I have enjoyed a multitude of genres, from sci-fi to suspense and romance to horror. In the last three years, however, I have developed a serious passion for the m/m genre, and I am now happily collecting the fun and hijinks that have taken place in an entirely new set of authors’ brains. I look forward to seeing what the world will bring in the days and years to co


Claire Potterton


No FF, horror, historical or taboo. More than happy to read trans stories, particularly YA or NA. 'Gentle' BDSM is fine too, but no hardcore stuff.

I’m a 40 something book obsessed Mum of five, usually found up to my elbows in cookie dough or with my nose stuck in a book. I’ve tried both at the same time and it’s a little messy! With kids, dogs and cats, reading is my escape, and a good book is a gift!


Debbie Attenborough


I'm not reviewing zombies and step brother romances. I'll take anything else, including MM, FF and any combination thereof.

I am a UK based avid reader of all genres, but I cannot read zombie books, nuh uh, not at all. Young Adult is a bit of a hit and miss thing. I live with my daughter and three kitties. I have a purple dragon called George who talks to my when he feels like it, and I try to write down what he tells me. He has a story to tell, apparently! I also work full time. I currently work with two blogs, and this will make three. Busy Busy me! I discovered the M/M genre by accident, after getting a kindle and downloading everything and anything that I came across that was free. Now, I’m the main M/M reader for both blogs


Elaine White


I'm not reviewing FF or Trans

“I’m an author and reader, who just can’t get away from books. I discovered the MM genre a few years ago and became addicted. Since then, I rarely read anything else, unless it’s high fantasy, which often tends to be gender neutral. I’m a sucker for a good romance, hot guys and lots of trouble! Throw one or all at me and I’m very likely to fall in love with the story. Unless there is something that seriously turns me off a story, I’m unlikely to go below 3 stars.”


Janice Birnie


I'm not reviewing BDSM or taboo

I’m 59 years old, married, and a retired school teacher. Mother of three daughters, grandmother of three granddaughters. I’ve been a passionate reader my whole life, riding my bicycle to the local library to fill up my basket once a week from the age of 6. Now I fill my iPad, way too often, from the comfort of my home. I read all types of books, but since reading Bear, Otter and The Kid three years ago, I’ve been working my way through as many great MM authors as I can find, neglecting most other genres. They had me for 50 years. It’s MM’s turn!


Tracy C Muth


No f/f, horror, BDSM, incest, non-consent, paranormal. I'll read Contemporary romance, trans, N/A,

I’m a billing coordinator at a law firm in Downtown New Orleans. I have lived on the outskirts of New Orleans all my life, just about 10 miles from the city. I’m 43 and I have 21-year-old twin daughters. I love music, sports, and hanging out with my friends and family, but what I love doing most is curling up with a good book. I used to read books in the M/F genre and in about February of 2014, I kept seeing Try by Ella Frank on my Facebook news feed. So, I gave it a try, and I never looked back. I don’t know why I love this genre so much. Maybe I was a gay man in a past life? But I absolutely love it! When I first started reading M/M, there weren’t a lot of Facebook pages dedicated to it, so I started my own. Bayou Book Junkie was born on September 10th, 2014. Now there are quite a few wonderful pages dedicated to the M/M genre. I don’t do a whole lot with the Facebook page, but along with my blog partner, Mari Cárdenas, we host a lot of blog tours. About 99% of them are M/M, we do very little M/F books. I am also a beta reader for a couple of authors, so my life stays pretty busy. I don’t claim to be a writer, I just know what I love to read. I’m looking forward to this new endeavor with Divine Magazine. I’ve never done anything like this before and just hope I can do them proud!





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