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Book Review: Krampus Hates Christmas, by Andi Van

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Book Review: Krampus Hates Christmas, by Andi Van

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Book Series
2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug
About the Author
Andi Van is a foul-mouthed troublemaker who lives near San Diego with a small fluffy thing named Koi, a baseball bat that's forever being used for things other than baseball, and a fondness for rum and caffeine (though not necessarily together).

Andi is fluent in three languages (English, sarcasm, and profanity), and takes pride in a highly developed -- if somewhat bizarre -- sense of humor.

Please note: My pronouns are they/them. I identify as nonbinary, and I ask that you not misgender me. For more information about nonbinary gender identities, I recommend
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Publication Date
December 01, 2016
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epub, mobi, pdf
Karl Kringle hates the modern-day Christmas. He was born to be Krampus, but the Holiday Council refuses to let him help his brother Nick—aka Santa Claus—with the Naughty List until he finds his holiday spirit. To meet that challenge, he’s turned human and dumped in a strange apartment.

Lewis Weatherby loves the holidays and always has. Not only do his parents own a pumpkin patch and tree farm, he’s also inherited a Christmas-themed shop. All he wants from Santa is the man of his dreams, and the Big Guy might’ve just delivered. Lewis’s new neighbor Karl is gorgeous, sweet, and has a fantastic sense of humor—if his jokes about being Krampus are any indication.

Soon getting home is less important to Karl than what will happen when Lewis inevitably realizes the truth behind his jokes. He’s finally starting to understand the real joy of the season—now he just has to figure out how to hold on to it.

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Perfect in Every Way!
Cover – Gorgeous and perfect!
POV – 3rd person, dual POV
Would I read it again – Yes!
Genre – Christmas, Holiday, LGBT, Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy/Supernatural


This was perfect, in every way.

As a Christmas story, it had holiday cheer, fun, laughter and excitement, but it also had a very serious message about the frivolities of Christmas, how it's lost it's meaning and what can be done to save it, for those of us who feel it's not what ti should be any more.

I loved that the story started right in the middle of the action, exactly as the blurb suggested it would. Krampus, or Karl, is St Nick's twin brother and the guy who gets to teach all the kids on the Naughty List a lesson. Not only is this a brilliant start, but the entire Christmas season's expectations are flipped on their head:
  • Mrs Claus is a guy, who knows martial arts and has a skill for meddling and match making.
  • The reindeer are female.
  • Santa is gay! I know this was implied above, but it needs reiterating.
  • Krampusnacht is just as important as Christmas.

When it comes to the characters, I was instantly in love with Karl. He was huffy, sweet and loveable all while trying to do the right thing, yet coming across as the bad guy. He's big, burly and huggable. In contrast, Lewis is short, just a little tubby, early forties and feels old, fat and left out. Yet he's absolutely in love with Christmas, the same way that Karl had fallen out of love with it. Together, they're a great team and the way they bond through the story, on little dates that have a lot of significant meaning, is beautiful. I even love Jerry, the moody, flamboyant best friend who is actually a heart of gold feeling the Christmas chill. Noel is perhaps my favourite, bar the two MC's, because he's bubbly, bright and loveable, but he's also serious and concerned about the people he loves.

I loved how the story challenged those holiday stereotypes that we're just come to accept over the years, though some of us still hate them – Black Friday; Christmas taking up practically 3 whole months, because it starts right after Halloween; the gender labeling of toys that should be available for all children to play with, whether that means a boy playing with a Barbie or a girl getting a Monster Truck. It was so subtly, but brilliantly done, placed into the conversations and thoughts of both MC's, giving them something to bond over and discuss. Yet it wasn't thrown in our faces, so that if we don't mind those things, it didn't matter that they were mentioned.


Overall, it was a sweet, romantic Christmas story with a message and a grumpy Krampus to lead the way back to what Christmas is supposed to mean. I loved every minute and would love if there was another story in this world, someday. For now, I'll just be off to buy all the rest of Andi Van's work.


Favourite Quote

“Just be careful. Guy could be perfectly nice, but don't push your luck with strange gigantic men who sound like they could probably grind your bones for their bread or something.”

““I'm old,” he said when he hesitated to let his newly minted boyfriend divest him of his T-shirt. “I don't work out a lot. I've got a layer of chub around my midsection, and the only six-pack I see these days involves either beer or soda.”
“You're beautiful,” Karl said. “You're solid and real, and I would have you any way but as you are.””
#1 Reviewer 127 reviews
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