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Book of the Week – Limelight by M. Jet

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Layla Dane and Seth St. John both come from unfortunate roots. They meet as children when they form a friendship and support each other through years of trauma and abuse.

Together, they turn to music for their escape, and find themselves in a promising music career before they are even out of high school. And once their high school graduation does come around, marriage and a record deal both seem like logical next steps in their unusual, whirlwind world.

A quick rise to stardom takes the couple in different directions. Layla refuses to succumb to the lifestyle that she’d watched her parents live, while Seth seems to embrace it. Because of Seth’s problems, addictions, and generally atrocious behavior, their band, Victim Unknown cycles through band mates. Which is how Tara Outeridge comes to know and befriend Layla. Where once there was a need for protection in Layla’s life that Seth filled; her husband has now become the thing she needs to be protected from. Tara fills that void of loneliness, and awakens in Layla a thing she’d never before acknowledged or admitted.

Unfortunately, Layla’s secret love could cost her life.

“Some people handled their problems, sorted out a dark past and rose above it. Some people rose to the occasion of stardom and success. They used their status to improve themselves and the world.

But others… Well, some people just weren’t cut out for the limelight.” -Limelight (M Jet)

This novella contains some explicit language and erotic love scenes including male/female pairings and female/female pairings. Not suitable for all audiences. 18+ only.


Book Info

Published: January 31st 2015 by Headtrip Productions

Genres: F/F Contemporary Romance/Novella

Pages: 81



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Meet M. Jet

Sick, twisted, demented… But I try to be classy about it. I live in Florida but have lived many other places as well, living my life like a Gypsy. I am a waitress, witch, fortune teller. I have no family, few friends, and answer to no one. But freedom can be lonely. I have a blog and invite others to contribute and be featured!


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