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Book Boutiques is a new publishing house soft-launched at the start of 2015, owned and staffed by very experienced industry professionals. For example, co-owner Mike Feury ran Liquid Silver Books for seven years up to mid-2013.

First BB sales were in April 2015, and we’ve grown nicely since. Our official website will be online later, if and when the initial rush dies down. In the meantime, here is a summary of why serious experienced authors should consider us.


Author Services Summary

  • Attitude: we assist, guide and facilitate you, we do not dictate.
  • 60% Royalties: you get 60% of what we get for your books, paid monthly.
  • Author Branding: we provide you with direction and advice to focus your online presence.
  • Focus: we’ll show you the minimum essentials you should do for your sales and branding.
  • Individual Attention: we work only with a limited number of established, high-selling authors.
  • Market Access: we have inside access to all major retailers, so your interests are always represented.
  • Contract: simple and clear for you; 2-years, no unused rights taken. Contract is per author, which simplifies your admin a lot.

Book Services Summary

  • Distribution: your books to over 50 online outlets; Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google, Libraries, etc.
  • Sales: we maximize your release day sales, your year-later sales, your old books’ sales.
  • Promotion: we show you how to do the specific activities which will bring you most benefit.
  • Social Media: we write your book tweets, individualized by retailer, and send them hourly for you.
  • Quality Books: latest book production methods, individualized for each retailer and optimized for main reading devices, to maximize your sales.
  • Updated Books: we make changes to your live retail books regularly, as the need arises, to help all backlist sales.
  • Saleable Books: we know which content will negatively affect your distribution, or access to A-class deals.
  • Retail Management: we know which ‘extra info’–aka metadata–is vital for boosting your sales, and how to change it over time to maximize your returns.
  • Discoverability: buzzword of the decade. We know about keywords, schema, SEO—how and where to implement, when to update.
  • International Management: the English-reading population is 5+ times the USA population, and needs individualized attention; we’re making plans for it.
  • Editing: we can work with your favorite editors, or provide our own.
  • Cover Art: covers are an important marketing and sales tool, so we prefer to use our own artists, who understand what’s needed to present your book and brand in the best possible light.


The first and second waves of our launch books have gone very well, and we’re currently well into the third wave.

Submissions are currently by invitation only, and will remain so through at least the first half of 2016–Mike will be in touch.

Test us

If you are an experienced, businesslike, and high-selling author, you are welcome to email mike@[our domain name] to express your interest. Nothing formal, we’re friendly and easy to deal with–just say “Hello”, and we can trade questions and information later if there’s mutual interest.
Ideally you will have tried self-publishing, and know there’s so much more involved than uploading your manuscript and clicking “Publish”.

We can take 5-10 of your older lower-selling books and ‘work our magic’, as one of our authors put it. Then you will know why you should entrust us with your new releases and the rest of your backlist.

You want to write; you want our experience, access and expertise to do the rest, while you still get a great financial return for your creativity.

Manuscript submission is very easy for you–we can take your best file as is—DOC, RTF, ODF, ODT, Text, whatever.

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