Body art regret and second chances

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A tattoo…to get it or not to get it? It all starts with that quasi Shakespeare’s quote and then you say what the hell and get it. Tattoos symbolize different things to different people, not one tattoo is the same nor does it carry the same meaning. For some people, tattoos are a way of artistically expressing themselves, for others just a cry for attention. And for many more people than you can guess tattoos represent a regret they don’t know how to how to deal with.

Many tattoo stories start with those proverbial “errors of youth”- being too young and not doing the right research, or being too drunk and doing it on a whim. There are, of course, other reasons like a poorly done tattoo or tattoo no longer fitting one’s lifestyle.

Ultimately, more and more people have tattoo regrets for one or the other reason. The question now is how to deal with those regrets and are there second chances when it comes to body art such as tattoos?

How tattoos affect your body

Tattoos, while being a wonderful way of expressing yourself and adorning your body, also have a bad side to them. Many inks used for tattooing are full of toxic and, more often than not, cancerogenic chemicals. According to the report published by the Australian Government Department of Health, the percentage of carcinogens found in the black inks was a horrifying 83%. Apart from carcinogens, other unhealthy chemicals included barium, copper, mercury, amines, and various colorants.

Additionally, tattoos are often associated with infections. From unsterilized equipment to unprepared skin, all it takes is breaking the skin barrier for germs to get inside. It’s needless to say that the worst thing that tattoos are associated with is HCV (hepatitis C virus).

 Types of tattoo removals

People have been removing tattoos for as long as they have been inking them onto the skin. This means that there are many different ways of removing body art. Although it’s established by now that laser treatment is the best and the most efficient way of removing your tattoo, it’s still good having options.

These options include:

  1. Dermabrasion – this medical procedure involves removing outer skin layers with a grinder tool, sandpaper, or caustic acids. Unfortunately, this method of tattoo removal is very painful and it leaves you with extensive scarring.
  2. Excision – a surgical procedure that includes cutting off tattooed skin and re-stitching the remaining skin together. This is an old way of tattoo removing and it leaves scars. It’s recommended for smaller tattoos only.
  3. Cryosurgery – this type of tattoo removing procedure implies freezing unwanted tissue with liquid nitrogen and then peeling off the skin. Some of the side effects of cryosurgery are bleeding, blistering, edema and pain.
  4. Laser treatment – this way of tattoo removing is the most effective because it doesn’t leave scars and is safe for all skin tones. The best thing you can do is to visit the professional tattoo removal clinic, where they will safely and without complications remove the unwanted tattoo for you.

There are many more alternatives and options for getting rid of unwanted ink.

Recovery after laser tattoo removals

Now that you have finally removed a tattoo, you can help yourself by speeding up your recovery process. Opting for a laser removal is a process that will surely take time. For this reason, post-treatment care is of great importance.

You can start by preparing your immune system – eat healthy food and exercise. Then, clean your treated area properly, you will be instructed how to do this by professionals. Put on ointments and sunscreen, avoid scratching the treated area.

Finally, during the post-treatment period try avoiding smoking and taking antibiotics.

How to avoid tattoo regrets

Removing a tattoo has become as normal as getting it inked these days. However, why make the mistake in the first place? We should start by educating young people about the risks of getting and then removing the tattoos. Doing research and planning in advance is another thing that should be done instead of spontaneously getting tattoos which we will regret in the future.

Be careful of what you place on your body, some symbols may cause regret sooner than not. Similarly, be aware of your emotional state before you decide to permanently put something on your body.

All in all, tattoos and body art in general, are meant to stay on your body forever. While getting your tattoo removed is a common thing nowadays, you should try avoiding this step altogether.

Put some thought into it, do the research and then commit to it, otherwise, you will regret it not long after having it inked on your skin.

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