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Bleeding The Same Color By J.M. Wolf

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When you see people being bullied or harassed, how do you, as a bystander, react to it?

Do you just walk away from it like it never happened, or because it doesn’t concern you? Do you step up to help defend those that are being attacked? As a member of the LGBT community, I’m used to seeing bullies and homophobic attacks all over. From the streets to social media. But when it comes to transgenders, even members of the LGBT frown at them. Which is something I don’t understand. Why would you, of all people, be so hateful to people who don’t even feel comfortable in their own skin. The same way we felt uncomfortable pretending to be heterosexual.

Now I am a 24 year old homosexual, who has no issues with the transgender community. Of course, when I was a kid, I didn’t even really know what transgender meant. When I was a kid I barely knew what Gay meant. I grew up in Killeen, TX where being a homosexual is not as tolerant as say New York is. I originally came out as bisexual at 14, and then came out as Gay around the age of 16. My mother was very supportive of me, though she had a hard time processing it, which is understandable. My step-father is another story. So I’ve been a member of the LGBT community for a good 10 years.

I chose to speak up about transgenders being bullied after watching a video of a man ranting about transgenders in the military. And on the same day, there was a post about a F to M transgender, showing a before and after his transition, and a man kept replying to every single praised comment referring to him as a HER.

I grew tired of it so I chose to speak up about it because the LGBT community has a tendency to show its very shallow side. And what upsets me is how there are Gays and Lesbians and even Bisexuals who would bash on transgenders.

As I said, I’m a Gay man. I have no issues with transgenders. The father of my two godsons is a transgender man who feels like a women.

I’m an aspiring author for MM Romance, and I’ve met a lot of amazing authors I look up to such as Chance Christopher, Sean Kerr, TJ Klune and Jex Lane. Another author that I’ve met, who I also admire and respect, is G.R. Lyons, who is also a transgender.

Hell if I were to be completely honest with myself, around my teenage years when I was struggling with my sexuality, there were a few times where I myself thought that I’m transgender. I used to tell me Mom a couple of times how I would feel like a girl inside. So it made me think “Am I supposed to be a girl then?” Over time I’ve come to realize that I’m not transgender. I’m just very very Gay, and I’m proud to be a Gay man.

I’ve even met people that are younger than me, who are transgender. At pride last year, I met a F to M transgender. And he went to the block party with his mother.

These are everyday people? They all live their own lives, so why all the hate? Because you don’t understand them? Because they’re different?

Are we really that different? Don’t we all wake up in the morning and go on with our daily lives? Don’t we all eat and drink and breathe? If you cut us open, don’t we all bleed red? So how are they any different?

Especially to those in the LGBT community, you should understand how they feel to be outsiders better than anybody else. We’re still outsiders to society. We have those in power that wants to take away our rights, rights we deserve to have and set back all that we’ve accomplished so far. We have someone in power who is worldly known for spreading hate. And you’re just adding to the hate by hating on transgenders.

My mother always told me, that who you are, what you do in bed, and who you do it with, is your own business. Nobody else’s. As long as you carry yourself right with respect, and act like a decent human being, what your preference is is irrelevant.

She would be the first to tell anyone that her son is a Gay man. That he is a “flaming fruit”, but he is more of a man than most heterosexual burly men out there. Because I handle my business. And she’s right. I do handle my business.

I graduated High School. I went to college here in Virginia for Pharmacy Technician, and currently getting ready to earn my national certification so I can practice anywhere in the U.S. As I said before I’m also an aspiring author. I’m currently working on my debut book called “The Curse Of Being Cured” which is an MM erotic romance series. I’m also writing a trilogy called “The Black Feather” that is able to be read on Facebook.

I’m also a happily married Gay man. My husband Alan has supported me through everything I’ve accomplished.

Transgender people handle their own business too, and they just want to live in the skin they feel most comfortable in. So how can we hate them for wanting to be happy? Especially when there is enough hate in the world already. If they handle their business and carry themselves as decent human beings, they deserve respect. They’re human beings just like us, who bleeds the same color as us.

  1. sean kerr says

    absolutely wonderful article, and I look forward to seeing more from you and following your career. Thank you for highlighting suck a powerful story. my husbands brother is F to M transgender, and i think of his as my brother, and i love him very much, so I am with you all the way. thank you JM xxx

  2. Aldo Sanchez says

    It is a universal truth, that people will get scared for everything they don’t know or understand. It’s basically a principle of survival. And, whether we like it or not, this society is becoming more open to homosexuality, and this acceptance leads families not to question their kids sexuality anymore, causing that these kids of this new era DO NOT understand what means to be afraid of who you are or to feel terrified of being rejected by your own family. So this gay and lesbian kids, eventually will become “normal” in society, and for that, they will be scare of what’s diferent now: Being transgender. We will always be walking in these circle.

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