Black Angel by Val Francis

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Black Angel by Val Francis

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Angels Of The Apocalypse #2
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Why shouldn’t guys believe in happy ever after? Sure, the road might sometimes be a bit rocky and it is almost guaranteed that there will be twists and turns along the way, but a happy ever after might just be around the next bend. Welcome to the world that exists inside Val Francis’s head, a world where the guys are hot and strong and the temperature is rising.

Living on the Gold Coast in Eastern Australia, Val spends six days a week at the keyboard, bringing those characters to life. When not writing, Val and partner will mostly be found either with their dog, Barney, taking long walks by the ocean or traveling the world somewhere.

Publication Date
October 12, 2019
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Ebook Paperback
To Be Read In Order.  Book 1 Fallen Angel
Few guys are as boring as Jacob Parker, and moving in with his best friend, Maggie, seems like a good idea at the time. At her place, having walked out on a toxic relationship, he's set about rebuilding his life. Well, that’s his plan until weird things start happening to him. They aren’t the kind of occurrences you can tell people about—unless you want them to think you’re crazy. But events come to a head when somebody or something starts trying to kill him. Like it or not, Jacob’s life has become stranger and more dangerous by the minute and is set to get a whole lot worse.

As far as angels go, Galizur has never been particularly ambitious, which is just as well, having screwed up big time on his first and only assignment as a Guardian Angel. Since then, he’s been working in Purgatory, the most boring job that Heaven has to offer. So, when The Archangel Gabrielle summons him, he can scarcely believe his luck when she offers him the chance to redeem himself. Finally, things are looking up for Galizur, that’s unless he manages to stuff things up like he did the last time.

Events are moving fast, and the day of reckoning, the Apocalypse, is approaching. Gabrielle controls Heaven, The Boss is little more than a figurehead, and she has one thing left to do before all hell breaks loose. A handful of angels and other creatures stand in the way of her ambition, and they need to be taken care of. Only when they're no longer around and a threat to her, can Gabrielle turn her attention to Lucifer and Hell. Enter Galizur, such a naïve, obedient angel, one that will be the perfect stooge. He'll lead her to those that would oppose her, and when he has, she'll get rid of the lot of them. However, Galizur is not what he seems—events may not go the way she intends. 

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 WOW... Part 2 following on from "Fallen Angel' from the author and recommended "to be read in order"

WOW..OMG This book is a mind spin with things in the story-line. Twists and Turns and Wow moments I'm not kidding and including situations changes. This review is hard to write so that it doesn't have spoilers. This so needs to read. 
An Angel story that's kinda unique and one of the best ones I've read which is a lot. This was a action drama and romance although the sexy scenes are skimmed over. When reading scenes are brilliant as I didn't know WHAT TO BELIEVE and what was happening. 

A Happy HFN Book with both POV's. The story continues in the book out latter next year and I cant wait.

Galizur is out of purgatory to fill a mission to get his archangel statues back.
Jacob keeps hearing strange voices and horror smells for the past 3 nights.
Strange figures Jacob was attracted to but another has been trying to kill him.
Archangel Gabrielle has her own plans and wasn't stopping but to win.. 

*independently read and reviewed. reviewed and words appear elsewhere.
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