BIRCHES end 2022 with energetic and uplifting new single Be Unknown

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Hailing from the Armagh and Tyrone counties of Northern Ireland, Emo-Indie outfit BIRCHES  have returned to the fold and are ready to show the world exactly what they are made of, starting with infectious new single and video ‘Be Unknown’. 

Rising like a phoenix from the smouldering ashes of their previous band ‘We Are The Trees’ in Summer 2018 they have been steadily exploring and carefully cultivating their new sound in order to prepare for this coming era. Comprising of Liam Mcalinden (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Frankie McIlvanna (Lead Guitar), Jordie Kelly (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Delaney O’Neill (Drums), BIRCHES have firmly planted their roots and are ready for a new age, armed with an arsenal of tunes just waiting to be unleashed, it all begins with ‘Be Unknown’.

BIRCHES are fun, charismatic and incredibly likeable, embedding that infectious personality into every second of their music. A band untainted by the all too often doom and gloom outlook of the industry, BIRCHES have a refreshing energy and enthusiasm. They laugh, make faces and perhaps most importantly, they have fun together as friends making music which can clearly be felt each and every time they play. There’s no doubt BIRCHES will not only have you shaking a leg with a smile on your face but they’ll also have you remembering exactly why you love music in the first place. 

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