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Between Loathing and Love by Andrew Grey

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Between Loathing and Love by Andrew Grey

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About the Author
I grew up in western Michigan with a father who loved to tell stories and a mother who loved to read them. I started writing in early 2007 and haven't stopped since.
Publication Date
October 12, 2015
Content Warning
Contains explicit sexual content. Mature audiences only.
Theatrical agent Payton Gowan meets with former classmate—and prospective client—Beckett Huntington with every intention of brushing him off.

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Enjoyable Read
(Updated: October 25, 2015)
Payton is a talent scout. He has just been promoted to now scouting his own talent. His first client is his tormentor from High School, Beckett. Payton thinks maybe he can get his revenge. But Beckett has real talent and promise. Payton and Beckett slowly go from enemies to lovers. 

This was an enjoyable read. I loved the NYC setting and the theater backdrop. The characters were likable, and the message I take away from this book is, you never know what other people are going through in their personal lives, and how it affects their behavior. Beckett's character, while not always likable, turns out to be the true hero in this book. He sees past all the bs and puts his heart on the line. Beckett and Payton had chemistry and you could feel the passion and love between them. The love scenes in this book were just that. They were hot, but passionate and loving as well. 

The story is told exclusively from Payton's POV, and I really wish the author had used dual POV's. I think Beckett is a very deep character and I wish I could have gotten his story from him. It could have been powerful and emotional, and I think the author missed out on an opportunity by leaving his POV out. 

I loved the secondary character of Val, Payton's best friend, and I'd love to read his story! All in all this was an enjoyable read.

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