Bettering Your Life: The Alternative And The Simple Approaches

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While we all know the importance of getting to the gym or having a healthy lifestyle sometimes we need a little bit more than that. These days, there’s an abundance of information out there telling us to go down a particular path, but we don’t really know if it will actually benefit our lives in the long run. A lot of people, as a result, turn to their own individual paths to improve themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. But when it comes to these practices, how can we weed out the good ones, and are there any really useful alternative health practices that can benefit our lives?

Finding The Right Habit That We Can Keep Up Regularly 

If we can find the right habit that we will go to, and it’s a supremely healthy one, or at the very least, it benefits us in mind and body ever so slightly, we will feel the benefits. A very good example is something like yoga. Because it’s beneficial on mind and body and is a meditative practice as well, it can provide a holistic approach to wellness. And for those that don’t really know whether they should get involved in this or not, there are some yoga quotes that may prove beneficial. Because yoga is something that a lot of people dive into and stick with for life, there’s got to be something in this, right? It isn’t just a way for you to get stronger but it’s something that you can keep coming back to, or at the very least, getting something new from it each and every time.

Making The Most Of Improving Our Strength 

One of the most common misconceptions about getting older is that we get weaker. We are as weak as our bodies allow us to be. But it’s not about fighting the tide of old age, it’s just about improving your strength capabilities, and working harder to maintain this as you age. It’s something that we can start right now. Strength doesn’t mean hitting the gym with vigor, but it’s about learning how to control our physical movements, and ensuring that everything moves a little bit better. There are so many different components of improving your strength, but all you need is your body weight and a floor! It’s not necessarily an alternative practice, but it’s a very overlooked component of getting fit. You don’t need sophisticated equipment, machines, or have to run around for miles on end in order to benefit your body. In fact, because there are so many pieces of equipment out there that supposedly give us the shortcut to fitness, bodyweight exercises, and classic strength training can seem like a dying art.

Minimizing The Stress Hormone Cortisol 

If you want to improve your life, you’ve got to minimize your stress. Stress is the modern illness. When we’re trying to get better and healthier we can underestimate the grip that the stress hormone cortisol really has on us. If you live and anxious life, but you’re still trying to hit the gym, you may very well be doing yourself a disservice because you are already operating at a deficit, and putting yourself under physical pressure as well as emotional pressure can pile the stress on. Minimizing your stress is a daily practice, and it’s not just about learning to remain calm under stressful situations, but it’s about ensuring you have a practice that can zap the tension, and help you cut through the worries you have. Because we tend to operate with an anxious mindset, especially after a difficult situation, this is when we start to overthink, and we become incredibly anxious. Minimizing your stress levels is, on a physiological level, about tackling that fight or flight response. There are various ways you can do it but an alternative practice that’s becoming a bit more mainstream is the Wim Hof Method. This is where you, in essence, breathe! It’s a breathing technique that is derived from the Tummo method in yoga and has an abundance of followers around the world. You could also try box breathing, which is what many Navy SEALS use. And when we start to think about minimizing stress, if we look to the people that are under extreme pressure, such as leaders and people that face real stress, taking a leaf out of their book could help us better our lives in many ways.

Sometimes It’s All About The Simple Approaches

We also have to remember that if we want to better our lives, we shouldn’t necessarily overcomplicate things. We have to remember that it can be all about the simple approaches. You may find that you’ve got too much on your plates, perhaps not literally but mentally or emotionally. For example, if you try to busy yourself in so many different things, are you spreading yourself too thinly? Sometimes, by paring back to the very essence of who we are, by getting rid of these detritus, we can make everything appear 20/20. Keeping it simple should be an approach that we all need to engage in. Simplicity is going to minimize stress, which therefore means we don’t have to think much about our problems, so we can focus on living in the moment. When it comes to stress, if you don’t have so much to think about, you don’t have so much to worry about. But also, keeping everything simple, whether it’s about reducing your personal possessions, or drastically reducing your social calendar means you have a lot less to think about, so you can truly remain in the moment, and realize what’s important to you. We shouldn’t think about complexity being a logical extension of our lives. If we keep it simple, this is how we will calm down.

When we spend a lot of time looking for alternative health practices, they aren’t necessarily that alternative because the goals are fundamentally the same. It’s about being healthier and happier so you can live your life. When it comes to finding an alternative health practice that seems to boast significant results, instead, ask yourself if it will benefit what you want. As soon as you ask yourself, what do I want, you are able to find the practices that will mean the most to you.



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