Best Ways to Stay Joyful Even In Times of COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 has affected all spheres of human activities, and the daily updates about the global pandemic can be devastating. Not only is it affecting our physical activities, but it is also affecting our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

The emergence of this global pandemic has led to a worldwide lockdown across all countries of the world, with citizens being confined to their homes, schools, places of worship, offices, shops, malls, cinemas, event centers shut down. The chances of not being overwhelmed by the turnaround of effects in the world today are slim.

All human activities have been put on hold, and everyone asked to stay at home all through the period to help slow down the spread of the virus. Are you bothered about how you will survive the whole lockdown period? The good news is that you can still stay joyful amid the lockdown and global pandemic.

We have come up with some of the best ways to stay Joyful even in times of COVID-19 Lockdown. The science of human emotion and psychology is somewhat complicated, but it is also widely studied. Over the years, Australian assignment help has carried out numerous surveys and research on how to stay joyful even during stress, storms, crisis, curfew and lockdown. Here are some of the tips they came up with – some that will amaze you.

1. Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

>Who says you need to stay glued to BBC, Aljazeera, or CNN listening to the gloom and doom on the news about the effect of the pandemic? Binge-watching is one of the best things that will keep you joyful during this period. Netflix is your first spot on this. There are thousands of shows and movies to see all at the touch of a button. Amazingly, there are a lot of free digital TV services to keep you and your loved ones entertained all through the period. So, you will not need to bother about subscription issues.

With BBC iPlayer, My5 and ITV Hub, you are sure to enjoy family-friendly entertainment. The beautiful part is that there are enough movies and shows to keep you busy for eight years, let alone 14 days.

2. Engage in Indoor Exercise

The fact that the world is in total lockdown doesn’t mean you have to be inactive. A workout is just what you need to keep your body and soul in order. According to assignment writers, one of the best ways to cool our nerves is through exercises. Workouts have a way of making us be in a stable state of emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Having a productive workout session is easier than you probably imagined. There is no need for gym equipment; just pick your phone and stream the latest workout videos straight from your living room.

YouTube will probably be one of your best friends within this lockdown period. You can try yoga with Adrienne or HIIT training with MadFit. Similarly, you can also mix up dancing and kickboxing to your workout sessions.

3. Catch Up on Reading

This lockdown period is the best time to catch up on reading. The busy schedules of life might not have afforded you enough time and opportunity to read much, but with this lockdown, you have time and opportunity. So instead of bothering yourself, why not make out time to read and explore.

Whether it’s a fiction, non-fiction, romance, sci-fi, adventure, science, your school books, Christian literature, the Holy Bible, Quran, or anything else, just get engrossed reading

According to an essay writer, Good old-fashioned books work best for this period. You will have unlimited access to free classics and an unlimited selection of titles. In this era of tablets and Kindles, you also have access to an extensive collection of eBooks.

The joy that comes from reading books is second to none. Catch up on reading in this lockdown period. Happy reading

4. Engage in Spring Clean

In a time like this, it’s natural to want to engage in spring clean. Because COVID-19 is a new disease and the mode of its transmission is not scientifically precise, therefore we need to be extra careful. There is every tendency that it can be spread through sneezes and coughs (if it’s like the other viruses we know of).

Therefore, tiny droplets can easily be inhaled. Public health England has revealed that the number of infectious virus on any dirty surface decreases significantly over 24-48 hours. Hence you can speed up the process by thoroughly cleaning every dirty surface of your home and its surroundings with detergent and bleach. This invariably means that spring clean is all you need within the period.

5. Have Time for Yourself

Even amid the lockdown, it is essential to create time out for yourself. Review all your goals, dreams, visions, purpose and aspirations in life. The lockdown period is an excellent time to plan and strategize your life. Device new ways of actualizing all your dreams and goals in life.

You might also want to take out time and enjoy a little pampering. You might not be able to go to the salon to fix your hair or nails, but you can simply give yourself a sweet/hot bath and indulge in a ‘me time’.

In our busy schedules and life, we don’t get to have enough time for ourselves, so why not have some fun and adventure with yourself. Explore, try out new crazy things, wear a face mask, take selfies around the house, prepare an exquisite dish, relax your nerves, ease off the stress and tension of this pandemic. In spending time with yourself, you will get to discover new things about yourself that you have not taken note of over the years.

6. Try Out a New Recipe

During the lockdown, food shops and supermarkets will remain open, so you don’t have any cause for alarm. This could be the best time to try out something entirely new. You can get a cookbook or explore the internet for cooking ideas.

There are thousands of recipes on BBC Food that you can leverage for breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. The beautiful part is that you will find many budget-friendly ideas there too. You can also o on YouTube and search for different recipes that suit your taste. You can also get exciting/latest recipes from celebrity chefs like Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. Try out something new today.

7. Work from Home

The reality of work from home became more evident in this lockdown period. If you are not working from home, then you are missing out. So many are confused, not knowing how to earn extra cash in this period. What if I tell you that there are thousands of ways to make real money in this lockdown? Yes, you heard me right. You can take advantage of this lockdown to learn new skills that will position you to earn in work from home niche. The lockdown period is probably the best period for freelancers. Learn about lucrative tech side jobs you can do to earn extra cash.

8. Find a New Hobby

There is no better time to do all the things you’ve never done like this lockdown period. Write a book, knit a jumper, start a blog, build your website, start an online academy-this is your best chance to rediscover your lost potentials and forgotten hobbies, or even discover new ones.

The possibilities are limitless. The choice is yours to make; you can engage in scrapbooking, soap-making, astrology, or meditation. There is so much you can do in this period. You can turn this pandemic and lockdown to work out for your good.

9. Gaming

What better way could there be for escaping the boredom of lockdown than setting off for a lifetime adventure? Just activate your game mode, and you are in for a fantastic time. There are different games to explore within this period. You can choose to go back in time with ‘Assassin’s Creed’ or travel the globe in ‘Uncharted’ or even explore the ‘Witcher’. Even if you feel lonely playing alone, you can decide to opt for a multi-player. Games like ‘Just Dance’ will also keep you active all through.


The boredom of the lockdown has killed so many faster than the coronavirus itself. Do not weary yourself unnecessarily because of the global COVID-19 lockdown. You can still enjoy your life and be joyful even in the pandemic and lockdown. These are just a few of the best ways to stay joyful during the lockdown. There are still many more ways.

Written by Scott Mathews

Scott Mathews is a certified freelance writer at essay writing help. He is also a professional essay writer and proofreader. His articles cut across all spheres of human existence. In 2019, Scott won the best writer award at professional essay writers. Aside from writing, he enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, making new friends, and cooking exquisite dishes.

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