Best Ideas for Planning a Military Wedding

Written by Felicia Priedel

If you’re getting married and you or your spouse would like to theme your wedding around your branch of service or your patriotism, there are many tasteful ideas for planning a military wedding. Here are some ideas for creating a memorable celebration.

Use a Flag as the Ceremony Backdrop

Using an American flag as the backdrop for your wedding ceremony is great. The flag can serve as a focal point while also adding to the patriotic theme of your wedding.

You could have an American flag on display by itself with nothing else by it, or you could use it in conjunction with other decorations, such as flowers or other props. You should hang the American flag using sturdy material so that nothing will damage it.

Get Creative With Your Arch

When designing your arch, there are multiple ways to incorporate your military wedding theme. For instance, if both the bride and groom were part of a certain military branch, they could add the colors or symbology of their branch to the arch. Or you can get creative and use nature to create your arch if your wedding is outdoors.

Create a Memorial Table

During the ceremony, some couples leave a seat open or light a candle in memory of a missing family member. If your family member was a veteran of the US armed forces, you might display a folded flag in their designated seat as a sign of honor.

A fallen soldier table is a wonderful tradition to honor our fallen soldiers during the reception. A fallen soldier table should include:

  • A white tablecloth
  • Full place setting
  • A single flower
  • A small plate with a lemon wedge and salt
  • Folded American flag
  • A chair leaning up against the wall

Remember that it isn’t the focal point of your wedding, so set the table up somewhere quiet. You may want to include a photo of the person you’re memorializing or leave it open to all veterans who can’t be there with you on your big day. Consider adding a framed passage explaining the table to those who may have never seen one before.

Make Your Invitations Patriotic

To make your wedding invitations patriotic, choose a military theme. For example, you can use the colors of the American flag or add a military branch insignia.

Make Your Dress Military-Inspired

A military-inspired wedding can be classic, simple, and elegant. It’s all about the details, so try to use military buttons, ribbons, and insignia on your dress, or add a pin, sash, or creative element that highlights your military connection.

All of these ideas for planning a military wedding are tasteful, cost-effective, and will honor our military. The most important thing to remember when planning your big day is that it’s all about you. If there are things that don’t work with the theme of your wedding, then find an alternative. Having your loved ones around you on this special day is the most crucial aspect, so do whatever works best for you.

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