Best Activities to Get Your Kids Out of the House

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Getting sick of forcing your kids to go outside? Wishing there were an easy solution to get them to be excited willing participants? Here are some of the best ways to get your kids to play outside. These activities could be a game changer for you and your family.

Plant a Garden

Not only is planting a garden a smart choice because it provides for an opportunity for kids to experience plant growth in general, but it also provides you with an ongoing summer activity that your kids can look forward to. Need something for them to do in the mornings while you enjoy your cup of coffee? Send them out back to check the garden for anything ready to be picked. Oh, and now you do not have to make that extra stop to this grocery store to pick up tomatoes. It is a win, win, win!

Arrange a Scavenger Hunt

Yes, this might take some extra planning and preparation on your end, but we promise the excitement that will come with this will be worth it. Not only can you plan how much time this activity is going to take, but you can also cater to your child’s interest. Do they like pirates? Now it’s no longer a scavenger hunt, but a treasure hunt. If they want the new Trollz movie, make that the end prize they must work to find. This activity can be a blast for you and your kids!

Construct an Obstacle Course

This can be whatever you want (or need) it to be. In obstacle course, you can put your items and obstacles throughout your backyard for your children to do in order and complete, or you could even draw out the obstacles or actions you want your child to follow with chalk on the driveway. The opportunities are endless!

Sit Down and Relax

Just like you, your kids could use some relaxation time. Sometimes this time is best if there isn’t a television or a screen in front of them. Kids need to spend time outdoors, so maybe the best bet is to get them their own personal area to chill out and relax – like an Outdoor Playpen. The best part? There are options for all ages!

Really, if you are looking for more creative ways to get your kids to play outside – try these activities! You will not be disappointed.

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