Bent by Wysteria Wilde

A  New Adult/Coming of Age Romantic Suspense novel… edgy, gripping, and honest in showing the harsh reality of what happens when a good girl and a bad boy  who feel they are destined to be together have to face family opposition, deeply hidden secrets, and subsequent sinister obstacles attempting to keep them apart.


In book one of What Was Everything: Nick Bignanni was somebody—and then he was nobody. By the time he was in high school, he still loved his father but hated his alcoholism, and he loved his mother (more) but resented her for her alcoholism—and infidelities, all of which culminated in him entering into a toxic, drug and sex fueled relationship with a girl named Beth. He was only nineteen when all three of them were ripped away from him in just one night. He had wanted to die, too—and much of his family and many of his “friends” probably felt the same way. But his grandfather had given him a second chance, offering to finance his return to Blue Ivy University and his fraternity Alpha Lambda Lambda, while his fate was yet to be determined by the law—as long as he stayed clean.

It was at the fraternity where he met Michael LaFrance, who instantly became his best friend and roommate. Though they were very different in many ways, they had one major thing in common: an insatiable appetite for women and sex. And both of them were so good-looking (in very different ways, however) that they attracted enough women to last a lifetime—and there was never a thought of serious relationships with any of them. That is, until Michael’s sister Annabel came to Blue Ivy as an eighteen-year-old freshman. Nick had met her once when she was sixteen and it’d been like seeing a ghost; there had been instant attraction, but she was obviously forbidden fruit. And now two years later, she was back—all grown up and undeniably beautiful—and the attraction was stronger than ever. But while he was bent on having her, her brother and mother and seemingly the Universe were bent on keeping her away.

Annabel LaFrance was a privileged, preppy, intelligent, inexperienced girl who just so happened to have a male best friend—which kept most boys from even approaching her. Well, that and the fact that she was what Mother called “chubby”. By the time she was in high school, she’d tried almost every weight loss product and program available to mankind, to no avail. Losing weight seemed like her whole life’s mission…until one night at her brother’s fraternity when she was sixteen that changed the course of her life. It was there that she met her brother’s new best friend and roommate Nick Bignanni. He was everything she thought she would never want in a boy—a long haired, scruffy faced, flannel shirt and combat boot wearing, motorcycle driving older man. He was nineteen and she was instantly mesmerized by the way he looked at her with his hypnotic hazel eyes. There was a connection between them, she was sure, but it ended when the night ended—though it lived on in her fantasies throughout high school.

She was eighteen when she arrived back at Blue Ivy as a freshman, happy that her best friend Brooks had chosen also to take advantage of the University’s renowned Creative Arts and Writing Program—and very much looking forward to a reunion with Nick Bignanni, something she’d been fantasizing about for years. But when she does see him again, he is in a compromising position with a Barbie Doll blonde, and she is devastated…but still hopeful. When she and Nick finally do share a “moment” together, Michael makes it perfectly clear that any kind of relationship between them is forbidden. However, as fate would have it, they end up having a class together, and the fiery connection between them grows stronger and stronger—leading eventually to an all-consuming desire that they can no longer deny. But the bond between them could possibly change everything, for everyone.


Annabel was paralyzed—and traumatized. He was in bed—with a girl, obviously having sex with her. This was not how she’d envisioned her and Nick’s second meeting. Not at all. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, though. Wow. Still magnetically amazingly gorgeous.

He rolled off the girl, sat up against the headboard, and lit a cigarette—maintaining eye contact with Annabel the whole time. His expression changed quickly from surprise (shock?) to a strange kind of heavy-lidded indifference. He broke the eye contact between them and studied her from head to toe and back again to her face.

She looked around the room pretending to look for Michael.

“Well, well,” he began, exhaling smoke in little O’s. “If it isn’t Little France, all grown up and coming to big girl school,” he said in a lazy drawl. He took another drag and pushed away the girl (blonde and beautiful, Annabel noted) when she tried to lay her head on his lap. “Stop, sweetheart. That’s France’s little sister.”

The girl reached for his cigarette and, clearly irritated, Nick handed her the whole pack and a lighter and said, “Here, get your own.” He was staring at Annabel.

And Annabel was staring at him. Her feet refused to move, and her mouth refused to form words. Nick was in bed—having sex—with a pretty blonde girl. Damn. You have no chance, Annabel. Her heart fell to her knees and she felt weak.

“France! Yo, France! Your sister’s here!” he declared loudly.

Nothing. He looked away from her and looked toward the top bed of the loft across the room. “France! Your sister’s here!” Louder this time.

Michael finally peeked over the upper edge of his bed. “What?!” clearly irritated at being woken up. Then his eyes landed on her.

“What the hell, Annabel? Did you even knock? What the hell do you want?” he asked in a harsh voice.

Annabel looked at him and had a moment of thinking his appearance was very different than the last time she’d seen him, which was a year ago at Christmas. She stammered, “I—um, well—Mother sent me to see if you could help move a few of the heavier things into my condo.” She fidgeted because she was certain that Nick was still looking at her.

Michael attempted to flatten his bleached spiky hair and smiled oddly before sneering at her. “What, you mean Mommy didn’t hire enough movers to move the little princess into her new castle?”

Nick let out one quick laugh.

She glared at him, then at Michael. “You know what? Never mind.”

She turned to leave the room, feeling thoroughly humiliated, tears forming in her eyes.

As she closed the door behind her, she heard one of them say, “Hey, Annabel—wait,” and she was fairly certain it was Nick. But she kept walking.

She cursed herself for the whole fifteen minutes of the walk back to her place. What the hell did you expect, Annabel? Did you really think he’d been thinking about you for two years and imagining when you returned being eighteen? Thinking he’d sweep you off your feet and declare his love for you? Her naïve teenaged fantasy had just been shattered. She had to face reality.




Debut novel 5 BENT Stars,

October 29, 2016 By Jenz1972

This review is from:

Bent (What Was Everything Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

This is a debut novel by this author which is pretty hard to believe. I absolutely loved this book.

Annabel is shy and I think she is going to be good for Nick. Nick even though he has a bad coke addict and is hiding things from his past you can’t help but fall for him. Michael is a different story I wanted to punch him in the head a few times he’s a manipulate vile person that will ruin anyone in his path to get what he wants.

The book starts off with Annabel visiting her brother Michael (France) at college where she meets his handsome roommate Nick (Big). Annabel is a straight A-student doesn’t date but for some reason she’s drawn to Nick. She’s from a preppy family her father died leaving money to her and Michael for when they reach 21 but they have to have a good education.

Annabel doesn’t know about his past and his family and girl-girl-friend dying in a car accident. Since Beth he only spends nights or days with skinny blondes. Annabel is so much like what Beth used to look like before the drugs took over its unbelievable. Annabel is on his mind all the time.

Two years later Michael & Nick’s lives revolves around drink, sex and drugs. They are both flanking at school. Michael’s mother is refusing to give Michael his trust fund unless he gets his education. Annabel shows up unexpectedly whilst Nick’s banging another nameless girl. Annabel is disgusted but she still wants Nick badly.

The attraction between Annabel & Nick is too strong. They sneak around behind everyone’s backs. Annabel and Michael are so different it is unbelievable she works hard in class whilst her brother is plotting, scheming and dragging Nick further into a pit of darkness.

This book ends on a cliff-hanger and I can’t wait to read book 2.

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Meet Wysteria Wilde

Wysteria Wilde was born to write. She was writing poems, songs, short stories and novellas as early as elementary school. She had notebook spirals full of almost every genre and her friends would read and “critique” them. This carried on through college, where she eventually earned a BA and an MA in English/Creative Writing. And though she put down the pen for a few years after getting married and having children, her passion for writing never died.

Now as a single mother of two teenagers, she lives in the heart of the Midwest and finds herself once again writing with a fury. Many of her stories have started within the shimmer of a dream, then through her characters and plot lines the story unfolds.

Wysteria is back…with a vengeance. She hopes you enjoy the stories as much as she enjoys bringing them to you.

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Bent by Wysteria Wilde
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  1. Awesome effort and read!!! That coming from someone who knows and has experienced the author’s life and love!! God bless, beyond bent!

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