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Being Me Campaign Launch and Anniversary Event

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As one of the charity trustees, I was honoured to recently attend this event. It took place at YouTube Space in London on the 15th November and was a rather star spangled affair.


The amount of organisation that goes into something like this is mind boggling. There are invites to send out and to track, arrangements to make for audio visuals, speeches to prepare, refreshments to be planned, meetings to be held and, and, let me tell you, stresses to be managed. Our organisers did an extraordinary job of performing all of this and still staying sane (well kind of) on the night. Kieran Stanbridge and Tracy Shayler, together with the awesome YouTube Space team, did a phenomenal job and as events go, this one went off in a truly spectacular fashion.



The eloquent and fun @MrJames Stewart was our MC for the night and kept things flowing with flair.

Kieran and Tracy were adept at telling the guests exactly how the charity came to be. There was a little bit of ad-libbing on the night but it worked well to put people at ease. On stage, at an event like this, the secret is to be natural and be yourself and these two people did it admirably.

Brenda Finn and Chandni Sony, both Being Me trustees, gave some heart-warming and emotional speeches. One of our Being Me Campaign Ambassadors, Jodie Marsh, also stood up and made her appreciation of the charity known.

Antonio Salvani, another one of our trustees, made himself available to take photos on the night, so hopefully, soon you might see yourself on our Facebook page.

Overall, there was a lot of laughs, and, from the looks of it as I looked around, even some tears. I think they were happy ones.

Our other Ambassadors, husbands Luke Shayler and Trent Owers of TrentandLuke YouTube fame, were there too, both looking decidedly dapper and as always so handsome together. Luke was hard at work right from the start videotaping the event and being his charming self as he socialised among the guests.

Trent arrived slightly later, as he was on a film shoot but made up it when he got there. May I mention how I loved Trent’s hat? I even had the pleasure of walking in on Trent in the change room when he was getting dressed…but my lips are sealed. A true lady never gives all the details. (PS you might be able to bribe me with chocolate…)


The guest list was diverse in that it encompassed trendy YouTubers, acting and musical talent, business men and women and more importantly, the very people for whom the Being Me Campaign Charity was created- those individuals with differences, those unique people who feel that despite who they are, they have a lot to offer the world. It’s a belief we share, and one we hope to impart through the work that we are doing.

We were fortunate enough to have the assistance of some very talented people to create a video of our own which you can see on our You Tube channel. Huge shout out to Brymack Entertainment @BryMackEnt for doing this for us.





We had some beautiful people with amazing voices there to entertain us. Rugilė Juodžbalytė and Clio and Adam from Bedford performed on the night and Rugilė wrote a special song just for the charity.

You can see the video of her wonderful song here:

This is our Charity Mission statement-

“We want to create an open, educated & accepting society, who embrace and celebrate their differences, as well as accepting and celebrating others for who they are. We want everyone to know “It’s ok to be you!”

You can see more about the charity here

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