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Becoming His Master by M.Q. Barber

Becoming His Master by M.Q. Barber

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Book Series
Neighbourly Affection (Book 4)
Publication Date
March 17, 2015
Content Warning
,,,Over 18s only due to adult scenes of a sexual nature,,, male/male BDSM training and romance as well as a M/F BDSM scene, explicit language
From rescue to romance… Teach a wounded submissive the value of his service. The task ought to be an easy one for an experienced dominant like Henry Webb.

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How Henry became Jay's Master - back to where it all started
(Updated: April 02, 2015)
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This book can be read as a standalone as it actually takes place before books 1 through 3 - virtually a prequel.
Becoming His Master gives us the backstory of how Henry Webb met, rescued, trained and fell for The Boy, Jay Kress.
As the story begins, Henry Webb has entered the BDSM club, where he is a member and a well-respected master, and has been summoned to the office of the club president, Victor, a long-time personal friend of Henry's.
The villain of the story, Calvin Gardner, a cruel, sadistic Dom, violated the club's use of safewords the previous week, violently whipping and analy abusing The Boy, Jay, a novice submissive, who had only been coming to the club for four months. Cal ignored The Boy's use of the safeword, and left him bound, bloody, and weeping, walking out as Henry intervened upon hearing Jay's use of his safeword followed by Cal swearing at the submissive and ignoring his use of said safeword. Victor and the club board have banned Calvin for two months for this violation of one of the most sacred club rules, but they are unable to banish him permanently as Jay signed some papers stating that the violation was inadvertent and a misunderstanding.
Victor persuades Henry to take on and properly train The Boy, Jay, showing him how a proper Dominant/submissive relationship is supposed to work, teaching him the proper rules, helping the younger man to get over the incident which still causes him nightmares, and enabling him to become the submissive he was truly meant to be.
Jay Kress, referred to as The Boy by Victor and Henry, is a natural-born submissive if ever there was one, but like an overexuberent puppy, the novice submissive falls into the clutches of a sadistic master, who takes Jay's beautiful gift of submission and trust, trampling all over it, satisfying only his cruel desires, and ignoring the lovely young sub's pleas and use of his safeword. Henry comes to the rescue and Jay refers to him as his saviour from that moment on, following Henry with eyes full of adoration and admiration - blatant hero-worship! Jay struggles to come to terms with what happened, and strives to obey his new, albeit temporary, master in all things, as best he can...
Follow the two over their eight weeks of training and lusting (for each other). Will Henry fall for Jay? The Boy is already in love with the Dom, or so he thinks... is it adulation or true love? Read this well-written tale and find out for yourself, the story of Henry and Jay - Becoming His Master.
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