Beating Covid-19 and the Boredom of Isolation

The situation surrounding Covid-19 is escalating every day. New cases are coming up every hour around the world conflating the numbers at an alarming rate. This may seem despairing and fearful, but the silver lining is that virologists and scientists are hard at work trying to formulate a vaccine that will put an end to this terrible pandemic we are in the midst of.

Covid-19 and Social Isolation

But until an antidote comes along, we are not exactly defenseless. There are tons of information getting dumped on the Internet every minute about how to keep the fight against Covid-19 going at the individual level. We common people may not have a pharmacological umbrella to take shelter under, but we have other things at hand, that, if not makes us immune, can give us a chance at dodging the infection.

What’s more, the individual also has to power to stop the infection from spreading. If each of us does our part in this, we can together make the numbers level, and even come down. China is a fine example of how an ongoing mass effort can make the impossible happen. After arduous social distancing for weeks on end, China had its first days of no new cases. This was a momentous achievement for the country and its people. But it’s also a shining ray of hope for all others who have been at it for long now. This epidemic can be stopped, and China has shown us the way.

First off, don’t panic. Instead, distance yourself socially. This may be hard considering the fact we humans are hardwired to be social and there is no other way we can be, but it’s important to remember that this is only temporary. A few weeks of social distancing today can put a stop on this pandemic that has already claimed thousands of lives and is taking tons of new victims every day.

Now social isolation may seem like a ridiculous way out, but in truth, it’s realistic, doable and imperative. Now how can you practice this to a point where you, your peers and those around you can be safe? First off, avoid going out. But that’s out of the question, right? You have groceries to do, medicines to pick up, shopping to go to, etc. With all non-essential organizations closed down, for the time being, your options are pretty narrow right now. That’s a start.

But what about the rest of the things? Let’s go one step at a time. Do your groceries, but try to minimize it to one or two trips a week. Wear a mask if you have a cold or flu when outside, and if you are feeling sick, scratch it. Let someone else do the chores for you. Same for the medicines. Go down to the pharmacy when it’s necessary and grab all the essentials in one go.

What about shopping? The good news is, just because you can’t go shopping at the stores doesn’t mean you can’t buy things. Most companies have closed down their stores for the safety of the customers and employees, but their eCommerce stores are very much open and at your service. Go right in from your computer and order away. Items are delivered at the regular speed, unless for exceptions.

Online shopping has never been easier, and now is the time to take full advantage of that. Online, you can also buy your jewelry and have it delivered to you through a secure courier service. Don’t go to the stores, even if they are open. That little sacrifice can ensure the safety of yourself as well as those around you. But don’t deprive yourself of the joy of shopping. Have at it, but from your computer.

The options are ever so numerous on the Internet. Today, there are more jewelers based out of the Internet than there are out in the world. That widens the horizon infinitely for a buyer. On the Internet, you can hop store to store without any legwork, browse gallery after gallery without the bother of a salesperson at your heels, compare prices without the obligation of buying and avail a price unthinkable at land-based stores.

If you have been meaning to shop jewelry for a while, now is the best time to hit the hammer. The service is open, prices are down and you have ample time at hand to spend on slow and serious research work. That’s not all. There is another reason why now is a good time to buy jewelry. Gold and gemstones are known to be generally good for health. In a time like this, there are gemstones that you can really benefit from wearing.

If you are a believer in astrology, it’s a good time to go shopping gem jewelry. There are a plethora of gemstones that have great health benefits, healing properties and shielding effects. Not saying that they can protect someone from catching the disease if they were exposed, but a piece of gemstone jewelry on you in a time like this can have a talismanic effect. It can dodge potential dangers and keep you safe and healthy, generally speaking.

If you are not sure which gemstones to go for, then pick your birthstone. Birthstones are safe bets where health is concerned. Anybody can wear a ring with their birthstone on it without an astrologer’s recommendation and count on it to have positive effects on their lives.

Moreover, since early, wearing rings has been known to be therapeutic in terms of acupressure. Just a plain gold ring for everyday wear can bring lots of positive changes to your health. The constant massage at your fingers can promote blood circulation and cause natural acupressure which is beneficial for women’s gynecological health.

So, if the isolation is wearing it down, beat it with shopping. Use your time to learn about the trends, the prices and of course your options.

So, guys, let’s take the party to our screens. Distance, but don’t disconnect.

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