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The Beary Best Holiday Party Ever by B.G. Thomas

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The Beary Best Holiday Party Ever by B.G. Thomas

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A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package "Sleigh Ride"
About the Author
B.G. Thomas lives in Kansas City with his husband for nearly fifteen years and was legally married in 2014. Ehey have a fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane. He sees his wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn't there! He has a romantic soul and is extraordinarily lucky to have many friends.
He loves science fiction & fantasy, horror, romance and more, has gone to SF&F conventions his entire adult life, and been lucky enough to meet many of his favorite writers. He is a “Star Trek” and Joss Whedon fan from way back!
He has written all his life, it is where he finds his joy. In the 90’s, he wrote for gay magazines, but stopped because they wanted him to cut out story and romance, and write only sex.
Then through a few friends, he discovered the growing market of M/M Romance and was thrilled beyond words. FINALLY, a way to write the stories he always wanted to write. Adventure, romantic comedy, science fiction, and more, but with gay characters. And he wouldn't have to fade to black! People wanted to read the erotic as well. Plot and sex! HURRAY!
B.G. Thomas very much believes in The Law of Attraction and that "thoughts become things." A lot of things all started happening at once. He heard the words, "Leap, and the net will appear," and something re-kindled inside. He sent out a story and was thrilled when it was almost immediately accepted.
He believes that we are divine expressions of the Universe, each and everyone. "It is never too late!,” he states. “Pursue your dreams! They will come true!"
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December 01, 2015
Before he discovered the Heartland Bear Clan, Ron Corbin figured no one could ever love a “fatass” like him. But the big group of big men accepts him, and likes him just the way he is. Having finally found a place he belongs, he works hard to get elected president of the club—and wins. He’s the happiest he’s ever been.But Paddy Brennan, a sexy bear cub who blew into town and became Mr. Popular overnight, is elected vice-president. Ron doesn’t think Paddy has earned the honor, and now he’ll have to work shoulder to shoulder (and belly to belly) with the guy for a year.Ron will do what’s best for the club even if that means setting his personal feeling—that Paddy is a jerk—aside. But then as the two men get to know each other, Ron reluctantly finds he not only likes the guy, but is growing more and more attracted to him.Deep down, Ron still worries he isn’t good enough, but maybe Paddy can show him there’s a beary happy ending waiting for them after all.

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A heartwarming, fabulous 5 star read.
(Updated: December 15, 2015)
This time of year sees the release of a fabulous range of MM novellas to get you into the celebratory spirit. For me, the best ones bring lots of fun and joy into the season. I've read lots and lots of them, but this was my first bear story, and what a wonderful story it was! It was very character driven and I fell in love with the MC's from page one. By the end of the story, bears held a very special place in my heart, and that was down to the fabulous writing of B.G. Thomas. 

Ron Corbin has spent his life feeling unattractive. When he looks in the mirror he doesn't see the handsome, cuddly bear of a man that others see. He sees the person his parents taught him to see; a "fat ass", who will never be good enough to have the happy, long term, relationship he craves. When he joins The Heartland Bear Clan, Ron finally meets other men like himself and begins to believe there might be someone out there who could love him. Maybe.
Being elected President of the club is Ron's dream come true, for all of ten seconds... When the Vice President is announced as Paddy Brennan, a sexy bear cub who broke his heart only months before, Ron is furious. How can he work with someone who called him a fat ass on their first aborted date all those months ago? Paddy seems to have forgotten that nightmare date and is bouncy, happy and enthusiastic to work with Ron. For the good of the club, and the success of the annual Holiday party, Ron hides his pain and they begin to plan the beary best holiday party ever.

Party planning and fun combine with miscommunication, misunderstandings, secret crushes and longing, to keep you riveted to this novella. It will take the help of the clan, a very persistent cub and a leap of faith by Ron, for this gorgeous man to get his chance at the HEA he deserves.

I absolutely adored Ron! He'll have you cheering him on and wishing so hard for his HEA. Paddy is the perfect foil for Ron's character and you won't want to stop reading until you see how it all comes together. A heartwarming, fabulous 5 star read.

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