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Be Femme – Be You – the story of a man who dares to be himself -Corey Camperchioli

Photo Credit: James Avance
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Divine is delighted to present this exclusive interview for you from the wonderful and inspiring Corey Camperchioli. I had the pleasure of catching up with him recently to ask him some questions about his film, his life and his views.

Corey C as he’s known across social media, decided the time had come to step up and shout out to the rooftops that being femme is who he is, and no one needs anyone else’s acceptance to be exactly who they are. His bio clearly defines him. Actor. Writer. Femme.

He’s the poster child for his new film, which he wrote and starred in, called, appropriately enough, Femme,which is taking the film industry by storm, and has screenings across the nation. It’s garnered critical recognition already and won Best Comedy at Out Web Fest Los Angeles.

FEMME is a short film about Carson, a gay twenty-something looking for love on all the wrong apps. After being rejected by an online hookup for being too “femme”, Carson embarks on a hilarious journey towards self-discovery and acceptance by way of a manic existential crisis and a drag queen fairy godmother. Set in Hell’s Kitchen, the epicenter of New York City gay life, Carson must confront his own notions of masculinity and gender performance within the LGBTQ community and beyond

Photo Credit: James Avance

Silly Questions

How many pairs of shoes do you own? too many to count!

We’re intrigued by the fact you can spin a basketball on your finger. How does someone get to this level of expertise and what prompted the need? (says she, tongue in cheek) – I’m a baller- what can I say?! 🙂

What’s your favorite Milkshake flavor?

black and white!

What movie ending really frustrated you? And how would you change it?

Any movie that wraps up too nicely.  Life doesn’t always tie up in the prettiest bow.

What three things do you think of most each day?

Fashion, boys, Frank O’Hara

What song would you say best sums you up?

Anything Carly Rae Jepsen or Kim Petras, duh!

Now down to the more serious ones.

Susan: I’ve watched the trailer and loved every minute, but at the same time was fully aware that what Carson goes through looking for a date is all too often the case. The LGBTQ community talks a lot about toxic masculinity and lately, it’s been in the news too outside of this. Even authors like Ben Brooks and Brendan Kiely are trying to change the views of the world that men don’t have to be MEN, muscled and masculine in every sense of the word. Do you think this will be a slow process and is enough being done to change the situation?

Corey: I think any time you’re challenging beliefs that have been instilled in us from before the time we are even born, it’s gonna take time to deconstruct.  I think we’re making progress and I continue to challenge us all to take a deep look inside ourselves and deconstruct the way we’ve been programmed to think about gender norms and gender roles

Susan: You funded this film via Kickstarter, raising just over $25000. Tell us a little about this achievement and what happened once you’d achieved your goal. Was there champagne and celebrations?

Corey: I’ll never forget the outpouring of love and donations we received from the Kickstarter.  We’re forever grateful to anyone and everyone that donated their hard-earned money to tell this story, and we hope you’re proud of what we created!  There was much celebrating, but one moment in particular sticks out.  I was with two of my best friends and I ordered shots to celebrate the fact that we hit our Kickstarter goal.  I took the shot, but later found out that my friend had secretly thrown it on the floor because she had just found out she was pregnant!  Hi Alexis and Baby Rue! 🙂

Susan: The film is currently doing the rounds in the US, but we would LOVE to see this make its arrival onto the shores of Europe and especially the UK (for purely selfish reasons as this is where I live) Is this on the cards, and can we do anything to help you make it happen?

Corey: We are Europe bound! We’re coming to Germany in October and Manchester in November! Stay tuned to our Instagram @FemmeTheFilm- we’ll keep you posted with all our festivals there. And… we’ll be making an exciting announcement about streaming online very soon 🙂 

Susan: This is not the first time you’ve been on screen, you’ve appeared as co-star and guest in other productions, in film and theatre too. Do you have a long term grand plan for yourself, an aim that will put Corey Camperchioli exactly where he wants to be? Tell us about what you think your future holds.

Corey: I hope the future allows me to continue to tell my story and be an advocate for the LGBTQ community, which I truly feel is why I was put on this crazy planet.

Susan: If you had to perform with one artist in a film or other medium production, who would that artist be?

Corey: Mark Rylance!  He’s unparalleled.

Susan: The film industry is a cut throat one and it’s difficult to break into it. I’ve asked the question before to artists of varying creative disciplines – ‘what do you think people who wish to break into this industry should be doing to be successful?’ Often, the answer is train for your craft, be persistent and keep going. Would you agree with this? Is there anything else you can offer an aspiring actor in an industry that is flooded with hopefuls every day?

Corey: Don’t wait for someone to hand you an opportunity- make it for yourself.

Susan: Finally, what is next for you? Tell us a bit about the new film, what you’re plans are and where you’re hoping to get in the short term.

Corey: Next up is bringing Femme to life as a TV series.  We’re currently pitching to different networks to find the right home for this queer series!  Hit me up if you have ideas 🙂

Corey, thank you so much for talking to me and Divine, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing the film one day.

Divine wishes you all the best with both the film and your career moving forward because you deserve every good wish we can give you.

PS If you fancy buying one of the gorgeous tank tops or the enamel pin, head down here, and pick one up.

Where to find Corey and the film

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Interview and article by Susan Mac Nicol

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