Felicia Priedel

Felicia is a writer living in the Chicagoland area. She's creative, passionate and loves to share her thoughts on being your most authentic self. This is something she hopes to encourage those around her through the thoughtful and engaging pieces she creates. She hopes those around her use this to help them create a more beautiful life.
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Ways To Improve Your Environmental Impact as a Business

If you run a business, no matter the size, you have an

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Healthy Foods You Can Snack On During the Winter

When you are stuck indoors, it’s easy to get tempted to munch

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Memorial Gifts To Consider Giving Funeral Guests

Losing a loved one is never easy. We offer our condolences. While

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Different Ways To Make Your Couch More Comfortable

Is your couch not satisfying your comfort levels? Enhance your relaxation with

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Must-Have Tools for Landscaping Professionals

Starting out in landscaping means doing what’s necessary to get quality results.

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How To Prepare Your Parking Lot for the Winter

Is your parking lot safe for the winter? Learn how to prepare

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4 Sentimental Wedding Gifts for a Friend

Finding the right wedding gift for a friend may seem overwhelming. However,

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Tips for Buying the Right Plants for Your Home

Owning a thriving indoor garden starts with the ideal plants. Our tips

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The Benefits of Having a Contemporary Home

There are countless houses in the world, and many of them have

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