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Author Spotlight: Viva Gold

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Hi, I’m Viva Gold. I have a hubby and two grown daughters. I am North West London, born and bred, but love to travel. I work practically full time and have a very active social life with family and friends.

And then there’s this crazy, beautiful, amazing other part of my life – the book world. I started off reading MF, but once I discovered MM, all bets were off! I love it! It has brought so many fantastic people into my life; authors, readers, bloggers, models – it’s been an incredible journey so far.

As Fiona Rachel Warner, I guest review for Books Laid Bare Boys and am proud to make up one third of the shiMMer UK MM author event team.

But of course, writing MM is my passion and I am extremely excited to be involved in the DreaMMers group and Aubergine Publishing.

Viva’s stories are erotic and explicit. They contain BDSM elements; taboo suggestions and extreme sexual practice. (No poo though, I promise!) My characters are often wilful and arrogant, yet are fiercely loyal and protective of what’s theirs. I like them to be realistic based on demographics and social standing, but they also have to be sexy, gritty and oftentimes needy. They are all handsome and gorgeous and beautiful. My fantasies brought to life through words.

My stories are mainly set in England – a lot of the time in London. The way I write has a distinctly British feel because….I’m British! I use coarse language relevant to the character and try to research as much as possible to ensure everything is accurate and authentic. And I do mean everything lol! Yay – lucky me…

But most of all, I love words and all the power they contain. Subsequently, it is my ultimate goal in life to use my words for your pleasure and enjoyment.

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

Don’t listen to all the naysayers, or the ‘established’ authors who think their way is the only way. Do what feels right first off, then get a good team of beta readers, a great editor, and a reliable formatter. Add a decent cover and you’re good to go. Let your passion drive you and don’t be scared…

What, in your opinion, are the most important elements of good writing?

Obviously, grammar and spelling are important and how the story flows. But, for me, I like eloquence, wit and realistic dialogue. I hate American English if the book in set in the UK, and I can’t abide an author who hasn’t done their research properly.

What comes first, the plot or characters?

Usually the plot. I see something and think about how the story could develop then add in the characters. Invariably, the characters develop on their own. Naming them is the hardest part. I settle on a great name only to find someone else has just released a book with the same name for one of their MCs!

What are you reading now?

I’m actually reading a horror story from one of my all-time favourite authors, Sean Kerr. It’s called The Last Child.

Describe your writing space.

I tend to write at my kitchen table. It’s a round glass table. If it’s cold I sit next to the radiator otherwise facing the garden so I can see all the animals flitting about. If it’s a beautiful day, I’ll sit in the garden as I love the sunshine and fresh air. I have snuck out a few thousand words at my desk at work when spreadsheets and reports get too boring! Once I’m in the right headspace, it doesn’t matter where I am.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

I have a very British tone to my writing. I live in London where I was born, and I think it’s the greatest city in the world. Most of my boys are from London and their stories are set in England. I like them to sound authentic whatever their background or ethnic origin.

What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)?

That I have to have multi-cultural, multi-faith and, multi-coloured characters – it’s reflection of my real life and really important to me. In Izzy’s Boy, Izzy and Adam are Jewish, G&T are black. In Alfie’s Christmas Surprise, Alfie is white and Zac is black. In Made to Measure, Sanjay is Sikh. I think it’s so interesting to mix things up a bit. Of course, they’re all gay – that’s the common denominator!

Izzy’s Boy – Woolf Tales 1

Isadore Woolf is a man who knows what he wants in life and most recently that happens to be Adam Cohen. Isadore comes from a steady background with loving and supportive parents and is a good son. He has rejected his father’s wealth in favour of making his own and he has built a successful career in the financial world.

Izzy surrounds himself with people who cater to his needs and never more so than at his ‘club’ where his Dominant side is free to express itself among the many willing subs happy to kneel at his feet. But Isadore has reached the stage where his tastes have matured and refined, and the tall, muscle packed, long haired, quietly spoken Adam Cohen feeds every one of his kinks. Getting this mountain of a man to submit seems impossible but Izzy was never one to back down from a challenge.  

Still, it’s not all handcuffs and roses as a sinister plot of revenge against Adam could jeopardise their love and even their lives.

Can Izzy save Adam? Can Adam be what Izzy needs?

Fierce passion and untamed arrogance drives Isadore to risk everything for a future together.

Excerpt from Izzy’s Boy by Viva Gold

At the end of the morning session of the day long Yom Kippur service, I went out to the synagogue forecourt for some much-needed fresh air. The stale atmosphere inside would only intensify as the day dragged on with everyone puffing out sour breath and I’m not sure I had the strength or motivation to go back in. The thought of my Dad sitting there waiting for me kept me from leaving, and perhaps the fact that Adam appeared outside at the same time.

“Hi.” He says like I haven’t just been imagining him in all sorts of compromising positions. “Haven’t seen you since this time last year I don’t think. How are things with you? Oh, and yeah, you know, happy New Year.”

Adam’s strong cologne wafted over me and I realised I’ve left him hanging. I shoved my hands into the pockets of my suit trousers and grinned at him. “Yeah, sweet one and all that. And ‘things’ are going well thanks, how about you?”

Adam launched into a monologue that seemed to me to be a rehearsed patter for those occasions that required him to respond in an expected way when confronted with such enquiries. I wasn’t really listening, preferring instead to study the way his man bun bobbed precariously as he talked. His little crocheted yarmulke was in danger of spinning off into the ether due to his being quite animated, and his big blue eyes widened and narrowed in time with his words. His hands moved, occasionally tugging on his full beard which was a warm brown colour the same as his hair, and he shifted from one foot to the other, and I wondered how on earth he sat so still in shul.

His deep voice penetrated my brain sufficiently to notice how sexy he sounded and also to take in enough about what he’s been saying in order to appear interested. I heard the words, choir, music, catching a break, You Tube and so on and surmised he was some sort of musician.

“Weren’t you training to be an accountant after uni?” I interrupted.

Adam’s brows knitted. “Umm yeah but it wasn’t really me.”

He chewed adorably on his lower lip. “So, you chucked it all in to what, sing for a living?” Adam’s cheeks pinked up and now I was definitely half hard. I could be direct verging on rude when the occasion called for it and the results were often thrilling.

“That’s not quite how it happened…” Adam’s eyes darted around nervously and I chuckled to myself. The guy was well over 6 feet and almost as wide with muscles on his muscles, whereas I was just an average guy. Yet that never stopped me from flaunting my arrogance and I never once considered myself to be anything other than the natural Dom I was. I was no leather Daddy and didn’t really go in for the BDSM lifestyle. I wasn’t averse to a bit of pain and discipline but I preferred my own tried and tested methods, border line humiliation sometimes being one of them.  

Adam Cohen was in my sights and the thrill of making him squirm was appealing to my very core. He was rooted to the spot. His skin remained blush pink and his lip was still being mauled by his teeth. I had no idea if Adam was even gay but right now I was going with the theory that he would have reacted rather differently if he was straight.

“Not quite how it happened?” I threw Adam’s words back at him and cocked my head. He released his lower lip with a pop and I stared at the plump redness with unabated lust. I swallowed slowly then licked my lips in a lewd but obvious gesture.

“Jesus, Izzy, its Yom Kippur…” Adam whispered as he leaned towards me and I chuckled.

“I don’t think Jesus has anything to do with it.”

Adam huffed at my response.  “I remember you from Hebrew Classes – always the joker. You used to drive the teachers nuts always clowning around. I have no idea how you ever learnt enough to pass your Bar mitzvah test.”

“And yet, here I am, millionaire city broker and you’re….’singing’.” I sniffed the air. Adam gasped and muttered something under his breath. He tugged hard on his prayer shawl as he marched back into shul.

“Some people are so tetchy.” I said to no one in particular. A warm feminine hand slid into mine and I turned to see my old friend Lisa shaking her head at me.

“How to win friends and influence people…” Her words were meant as an admonishment but they merely washed over me.

“I wasn’t trying to be his friend I was trying to get him on his knees.”

Lisa slapped me. “It’s Yom Kippur for fucks sake!”

“Indeed. And I’m starving and desperate for a smoke. So, sue me.” I kissed my gorgeous friend on her cheek and she giggled. Her riotous ginger curls bounced around her head and I smiled at her because I loved that her hair was as uncontrollable as she was.

“He’s gay but he’s not for you, Iz.”


“Look at the size of him for starters. He doesn’t exactly scream ‘sub’ now does he?” Lisa tucked a curl behind her ear, but the errant strand escaped almost immediately.

“Oh, he’s the most natural sub I’ve come across for a long time. Or hope to anyway.” I gazed longingly at Adam’s retreating form.

Lisa rolled her eyes at my terrible pun. “Isadore Woolf, you are incorrigible. Now go back inside and atone for your sins. You’re going to need the whole day.” I laughed but Lisa didn’t let go of my hand immediately. “Seriously Izzy, Adam is a nice guy.” She narrowed her eyes at me and I saw the warning there ,but I was hot for Adam and I was determined to have him. When something or in this case ‘someone’ was within in my sights, you might as well stick a target on their back and hand me the bow and arrow.



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