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In the Spotlight: Ron J. Suresha

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A gay Bear community pioneer and national bisexual men’s advocate, Ron J. Suresha is an award-winning author and editor and a four-time Lambda Literary Award Finalist.

Under the pen name R. Jackson, he edited his next book, The Biggest Lover: Big-Boned Men’s Erotica for Chubs and Chasers, coming out Valentine’s Day 2016.

Suresha is also author of Bears on Bears, Fur: The Love of Hair,

Also as R. Jackson, he edited the men’s fiction anthologies Bearotica, Bear Lust, Bears in the Wild, Tales from the Den, and The Biggest Lover, all published by Bear Bones Books; with PJ Willis, Kink, from StarBooks Press; and Bi Guys, from Lethe Press, a Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Bisexual Literature. He has also published two award-winning books of humorous Turkish folklore with stories of the wise fool, Mullah Nasruddin.

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How long have you been writing and producing books?

I wrote, printed, designed, illustrated, and produced my first book at the precocious age of four. It was just a piece of typing paper inside and a piece of heavy card stock as the cover, folded in half and bound with a staple. It was basically a story about myself reading a book to my teddy bear. The funny thing is that I’m still essentially doing the same thing as when I was four — making books for, by, and about men of the bear community.

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

Don’t write because you want to publish. Write because you can’t not write.

Read Writing Down the Bones. Now.

Start with short pieces, work and polish your craft, and gradually take on longer projects.

Spellcheck, rewrite, and double-check proofread anything you’re considering to submit for publication.

How did you develop the idea for a chub-themed erotica anthology?

I first started thinking about editing a collection of chub-and-chaser erotica at least five years ago. Often an idea for an anthology theme take years to germinate, during which I talk with my publisher, my husbear, and writer friends, do research into the prospective readership and marketing considerations, and contemplate what sorts of stories and which contributors I’d like to include. I ask myself, Is this a topic that is being overlooked, but has the potential to reach many underserved readers? Is it a book that nobody else has done, or could do? If the answers are clearly in the affirmative, then I’ll issue a call for submissions. After that, it’s a matter of waiting to see what comes in, and deciding what fits your target word count.

Describe your writing space.

I have a crowded home office in a bedroom with openable windows and straw-basket styled wallpaper. There is a meditation and reading chair in the northwest corner of the room, behind which is a mirror with various fake mustaches I pasted onto. My husbear rewarded me this year for my Lammy nod with a gorgeous new office desk, which is placed against the wall opposite the windows. There’s a small framed print of Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, art, and writing, hanging on the wall above the desktop computer. My active project file bookcases, situated just to the left of the new desk, like the hanging files most of the rest of the furniture in the office, are from Ikea.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I’m the author or editor of more than a dozen books. Other than whatever is my next project on hand, I’m fondest of my self-published chapbook featuring hundreds of hot drink recipés, Mugs o’ Joy: Delicious Hot Drinkables.

The Biggest Lover

Big-Boned Men’s Erotica for Chubs and Chasers

R. Jackson, editor


A gutsy, groundbreaking collection of romantic, lusty tales for big guys and the men who love them!

The Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press proudly presents its 28th title, The Biggest Lover: Big-Bones Men’s Erotica for Chubs and Chasers, edited by noted gay and bi men’s erotica anthologist R. Jackson.

Not every gay man is obsessed with twinks who list the number of visible rib bones on their Grindr profile. Or men who can remember the number of reps at the gym but not their phone number. Some of us appreciate buying in bulk and that includes looking for love. Or just plain sex. Thank goodness for Bear culture which embraces girth. During Bear Week in Provincetown the stores do not even bother to sell clothes smaller than an XL and a man’s virility is often like the potency of moonshine: the more Xs on the jug the better, so XXXL is a chub in high demand.

It has taken too long for an erotica anthology to feature such men. It is our hope that readers who felt denied of attention and affection will read these stories and realize that love has no weight limit, no threshold, and neither should self-esteem.

As Girth & Mirth founding father Reed Wilgoren stated, “Just as people are coming out every day—men and women realizing their sexuality—new Bears and new Chubbies and new chasers are also evolving in the world. There have to be people waiting to embrace them and show them the way, much as who helped me to become what I am and who I am today.”

This groundbreaking anthology of 21 compelling stories of big masculine love, including outstanding fiction from renowned, award-winning authors as well as fresh voices, is sure to entertain, inform, and stimulate everyone who loves big men.


~ “Furball”  by Hank Edwards
~ “A Man of Substance” by Dale Chase
~ “What the Hell?!” by Ben Bauchlein
~ “The Last Gift” by Jeff Mann
~ “Bulk City Gym” by Jack Fritscher
~ “Temet Nosce” by John Genest
~ “Rainy Day” by Charles Ov Lyons
~ “He’s Five-One, He’s Beautiful, and He’s Mine” by Jay Neal
~ “Filled” by Tom Farley
~ “Burning on the Edge of the World” by Matthew Bright
~ “Hustler’s Endgame” by Landon Dixon
~ “Golden Walrus” by Jerry Rabushka
~ “Dionysus Tamed” by Jay Starre
~ “Coming in the Night” by Skye Eagleday
~ “Heavy Set” by Shane Allison
~ “Tag Team” by Larry Faulkner
~ “The Nip Man” by Daniel M. Jaffe
~ “The Story Next Door” by Karl Taggart
~ “Moby Dick” by William Holden
~ “Indivisible” by Dylan Thomas Good
~ “A Slice of Pi” by ’Nathan Burgoine

Excerpt from “Furball” by Hank Edwards

In The Biggest Lover: Big-Boned Men’s Erotica for Chubs and Chasers, R. Jackson, editor

Reprinted by permission of Bear Bones Books


*          *          *

When Furball arrived I was almost done with my second beer. He climbed the steps and jumped right into my lap without even bothering to wind his way around the chair legs.

“Pretty forward tonight, aren’t you?” I asked, and scratched him beneath the chin like I’d seen Don do the day before. “How’s your good-looking Daddy tonight? Think he’d mind becoming my Daddy?”

Furball purred and moved his head back and forth, directing my fingers to the spots he wanted scratched. As the cat shifted, I noticed a folded piece of paper beneath his collar.

“What’s this?” I stopped scratching him and tugged on the paper, then chuckled. It had been folded around Furball’s collar and the ends stapled together. My name was printed on the side facing up. “It’s like a message in a bottle, only it’s on a cat.”

I carefully separated the ends of the note and removed it from beneath the collar. Furball nudged my hand with his nose, demanding more attention. I scratched the top of his head as I read the note written in an excellent, flowing cursive:


Furball and I would like to invite you to our house for dinner tonight if you’re free.

Bear hugs, Don.


The house number was listed and a smiley face had been drawn beneath Don’s signature.

“Well, who could say no to that?” I set Furball on the porch and pushed up out of the chair. It took some slick moves to get into my apartment without Furball following me inside, but I managed it. Stepping into the shower, I spared a few minutes to soap up my cock, asshole, and armpits, dried off, brushed my teeth, decided to forgo deodorant and did what I could with my dark, wavy hair that seemed to have a mind of its own. Don seemed like a casual kind of guy, so I went commando beneath a pair of cargo shorts and pulled on one of my nicer T-shirts.

Within fifteen minutes of Furball’s arrival, I stepped out of my door and locked it behind me. With Don’s note in hand, I walked down the steps in my flip-flops and at the bottom stopped to look back at Furball who sat on the porch looking down at me.

“Well, come on,” I called to him, and patted a hand against my thigh, “show me where you live.”

Furball trotted down the steps and we set off along the sidewalk. In minutes, I had located Don’s house, about eleven houses down from my flat and I wondered how long he had lived there and why I’d never noticed him before. Furball led me up the asphalt driveway to the backyard where I discovered Don standing over a grill on a big, beautiful brick paver patio.

“I hear there’s a bit of dinner going on here?” I called.

Don turned with a big smile on his handsome face. “You found the note.”

I held up the paper. “I did. Ingenious. The two of you could have made a difference in Nazi-occupied France.”

“You don’t know how old I am,” he said with a grin. “Maybe we did.”

“Good thing I like older men,” I replied.

Don expression shifted to one more serious and sexy. “Yeah, it is a good thing.”






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