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In the spotlight: Cherie’ Summers

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A Florida native and graduate of the University of North Florida, Cherie’ Summers has spent the last two decades teaching reading and writing.

Her previous publications include a short story in Children’s Digest and newsletters for nonprofit organizations. Her first novel, A Melody for Adrian, is a story which manifested from a dream starring her favorite rocker, Billy Idol. The sequel, Adrian’s Melody was just released in September

In her spare time, Ms. Summers is an avid photographer who specializes in portrait photography of both animals and people. Her other creative outlet is belly dance and she teaches the art of Middle Eastern dance through her local community education program.

Author Interview

Cherie’ Summers

So, what have you written?

The first draft of my novel, A Melody for Adrian was written when I was 18 and after many,  many revisions and rewrites was finally published October 1, 2015.  The sequel, Adrian’s Melody was released in September of this year.  The third book, Adrian and Melody, is being polished and rewritten as we speak and I expect to send it to the editors of Extasy Books by the end of this year.


 How many books to your series? (if it is a series)

I actually thought I would only write three for the Love on Fire series, about Melody and Adrian. But when I finished the first draft of Book 3 I realized I could now focus on the other members of my fictional band and create their love stories.  And because the characters are having kids, later on I can feature the kids all grown up with stories of their own

What do you think makes your book stand out from the crowd?

When I first wrote the first book, I thought it was Melody’s story.  But as I finished with Book 2 I realized, Adrian, the male main character is really the one who is  undergoing the most growth as a character.  He has evolved and changed a lot throughout the series.  So I think having that strong male voice makes the book stand out.  The romance stories I grew up with really focused on what the heroine was thinking and feeling so that the female reader saw herself in that character.  My book also takes place in the 1980’s and each member of the band was inspired by a music icon of mine from that time period.  But, it’s not fan fiction.  My main character was inspired by Billy Idol and shares some of Billy’s characteristics, but his backstory and journey are completely different. I also like that you are able to follow the romance from the day they meet in high school through adulthood.  You experience those first pangs of teenage love, the heartache of break ups and tragedy, and the maturing of their relationship into something solid and unbreakable (we hope). One last thing I’m proud of is that even though I was writing about a rock band, I decided to keep them away from drugs with reasons for their stance a part of the storyline.

 Do you have a Bucket List? If so top 5 things on it

  1. Getting to see the muses behind my fictional band perform live. Meeting my idol, Billy Idol, was always first and foremost…and sharing with him that he inspired my writing and it was dedicated to him. In September of 2015 I made that come true. I was also able to go see Duran Duran in April of 2016, to see two more of my muses, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes. In December I will travel to see Brian Setzer, another muse for the first time. I saw Jon Farriss back in 2006 but am happy that INXS is thinking of touring again because I’d love to see him again.
  2. See any other band from the 1980’s that I love.  U2 would be great
  3. Travel to destinations I have always wanted to visit like Greece, Morocco, Egypt, Australia, Scotland, Italy .  I want to see the mountain gorillas up close and personal in Rwanda. They are my favorite animal and I once volunteered at our local zoo working with them.
  4. Meeting Billy Idol AGAIN!  😊
  5. And of course become a best selling author!

Have you ever written a scene where it has reduced you to tears?

Book 2 is full of drama, deception, death, and heartache, but I never cried during writing or rewriting, which surprised me.  But as I was writing a scene for the third book, I broke into tears.  It’s a touching scene between Adrian and his best friend, Kat. It’s about the possible loss of a best friend.  I’ve so closely connected to their relationship that I really felt their anguish.

Is there a character you feel especially connected to? Why?

I feel very connected to Melody as well as each band member.  Since the first three books are focusing on Melody and Adrian, I feel especially close to them right now.  I have had to get into their heads and into their bed for a long time now, and feel like I know them inside and out.  Adrian is a complete asshole when you first meet him, but you still like him because you see glimmers of a decent guy in that gruff exterior and crude talk of his. Melody is just a good person and you feel for her when she is being mistreated.  That niceness gets her into trouble, and sometimes you wish she’s be more like Adrian so she doesn’t get hurt.


Blurb – for Book 1, A Melody for Adrian

Absolutely no one stands up to Bolt Hall without suffering the consequences! But Melody does, stopping Bolt from bullying a fellow student, embarrassing him in front of his fellow classmates and tarnishing his bad ass reputation. Instead of being furious, Bolt finds himself tongue tied and completely turned on by her fiery courage.

Bolt Hall with his torn jeans, ripped t-shirts and combat boots dreams of being a punk rock superstar. Fame and fortune will be his, along with a different woman for every night of the week. In 1981, he is on his way. He has the look, the attitude, and a band that kicks ass. The last thing he needs is a distraction. And that’s just what she is. From the moment their paths clash, he vows to do whatever it takes to make Melody his. Even if she can’t stand the sight of him.

Melody Stewart grew up in a life of privilege with wealthy parents who packed her off to boarding school at a young age. As she returns to public school for her senior year, the only thing on her mind is fitting in. She isn’t trying to attract anyone’s attention, especially that of a rude punker intent on taking her virginity. Someone who plans to use her, then discard her as he has done to countless others. Melody is determined to fight Bolt’s advances even if it means denying her own infatuation with the spike haired, rock star wannabe.

Melody and Bolt, so different, yet on fire for one another. Will they ever stop fighting long enough to fall in love?

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“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Miss Poetry USA herself,” he sneered viciously. “Having car trouble, are we?”

At the sound of his voice, Melody looked up grimacing. Even with a frown, she’s  gorgeous!

“Yes, but don’t think for one moment I want your help!”

Adrian rolled his eyes. This girl has some nerve! “Don’t think for one minute you’re going to get any of it!”

He stood over her, thumbs tucked into his pockets, watching as she tried in vain to loosen the lug nuts. After several minutes, she threw the tire iron down in frustration. Adrian tried to suppress a smile. There’s that temper again. I love it!

Melody looked like she was ready to breathe fire and roast him alive. Clearly furious, she stood up to face him.

“Are you just going to stand there and stare at me? You can stand there gloating all you want, but I swear I will not beg for your help.”

Tears of anger began to run down her cheeks. She wiped them away, leaving stains of grease across her cheeks. Adrian, who’d grown up around cars thought it looked sexy as hell.

“You said you didn’t want my help,” he said throwing his hands in the air. “I wish you’d make up your mind.”

“I was wrong, I do need help,” she conceded. Then pleaded, “Will you please help me? After all, this is your fault.”

“How is it my fault?”

“You’re the one that slashed my tire.”

“What?” He’d assumed she’d picked up a nail or something. Bending down beside her, he checked the tire. It had indeed been cut. Who would do this? He wanted to know as much as she did.

“What makes you think I’d do this?” He straightened back up.

“Because you hate me.” Melody put her hands on her hips. “Don’t tell me you’re going to deny it?”

“Yeah, I am,” he said, feeling a little hurt that she would automatically assume he was the guilty party. “I swear I had nothing to do with this.”

Melody folded her arms across her chest. She stared at him hard, obviously searching for the truth in his eyes. “Honestly?”

“Believe me,” Adrian explained. “I know a lot about cars and I’d never harm a nice car like this. These tires cost a lot of money. I wouldn’t pull a stunt like this when it’s obvious you’d accuse me and make me pay. I haven’t got that kind of money.”

Melody relaxed her arms and sighed heavily. “I guess it’s possible someone else could have done it.”

“Possible? Are you fucking kidding me? Anyone could have done it! You walk around here so high and mighty with your money and expensive car! You’ve got plenty of enemies because you act like a stuck up bitch!”

She clenched her fists by her sides and shook. “That’s not true! I’m nice to everyone!”

Everyone but me, Adrian thought to himself. Then chided himself for being weak.

“Hey, whether you like it or not, you’ve got a reputation and it’s not a nice one.”

Tears dropped from Melody’s eyes once more. “I can’t help that my parents have money or that they buy me nice things. I’m not a snob, though. I try to get along with everyone.”

Adrian felt himself caving in as new tears begin to slide down her cheeks. She was hurt and he silently cursed himself for upsetting her. No one thought badly of her. In fact, everyone adored her. He was the only person who didn’t get along with her. But, he had lied to her out of anger. And why am I so angry? Because she accused me of cutting the tire? Why do I want to take her in my arms now and comfort her? His feelings confused him.

“Hey, stop crying.” He took off the bandanna tied around his neck and wiped the tears, along with some of the grease from her face. Her white shirt was still smeared with dirt and grime. “You’re a mess.”

“I’m sorry I accused you of cutting my tire.” She sniffed and tried to smile through the tears. “I believe you didn’t do it.”

“It’s all right,” Adrian told her, his voice soothing now. “I’m sorry I said you were stuck up. I don’t know anyone who says you’re a snob. You might have an enemy or two, but only because the girls are jealous that all the guys like you.”

“They do not.” Melody blushed.

“Well, I know one who does.” What am I saying? He mentally scolded himself once more. I’m losing it.

In a genuine display of innocence, Melody cast her blue eyes downward, her cheeks turning even brighter pink.

Adrian sighed. Losing it big time.

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