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If you are a wine enthusiast, you probably know that the top 3 wine regions in the world are in Europe: France, Italy, and Spain.

Together they produce nearly half of all the wine produced in the world. Do you fancy a journey through the top 10 wine regions in the world? Take your best cork and get ready for take off!

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Love your wine

#1. France

France is the world’s largest producer of wine, home to the famous wine districts Bordeaux, Champagne,  Rhône, Alsace, and Provence. You can enjoy everything, from wine to red, via expensive champagne bubbles too!

#2. Italy

Italy and France compete for the place of top wine producers. Wine is part of the Italian culture and has been introduced long before the Romans came to power. The most famous regions are naturally Tuscany, which is a paradise for gourmets, but also Lombardy and Piedmont.

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Tuscany vineyards

#3. Germany

Germany is primarily known for its aromatic white wines, such as the Riesling. While the Romans brought the vineyard culture to Germany, it is the monks who created the current wine palate. They have cultivated and maintained it through the centuries. It may be hard to believe, but Germany counts 13 wine districts, most of them in the north of the country.

#4. Spain

Spain is the 3rd wine producer in the world, which might seem surprising as most people can only think about red wine. But in truth, red vineyards have been introduced over 3000 years ago in Spain, so the country has a long history of wine production. Quality wines, although, only began to be produced in the 1800s, with the Rioja which you can visit on a wine tour with Spain is mostly known for its deep red wines.

#5. Portugal

Portuguese wine is not as well known as its Spanish neighbor, even though everyone agrees on the quality of the port wine. Portugal is also the last European country on this list, and one of the numerous countries that will be touched by the introduction of the ETIAS – see more at – in 2020. This will be for visitors coming from countries outside of the EU. The ETIAS is an EU visa that will be similar to the ESTA for the USA.

#6. South Africa

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South Africa has a relatively new wine culture, as the first wines were only produced in 1659. However, it is renowned for its high-quality wines, such as the Chenin Blanc. Incidentally, South Africa also produces the largest volume of Brandy in the world.

Beautiful vineyard scenery in South Africa

#7. Argentina

Argentina has slowly developed a wine culture that has led the country to produced more high-quality wines over time. It’s South America’s largest producer of wine, even though over 90% of Argentinian wine is produced in only two regions: San Juan and Mendoza.

#8. Chile

Chile is a dynamic wine producer with most of its vineyards located north and south of its capital, Santiago.

#9. Australia

Australia is a modern and innovative wine producer that has created the award-winning and internationally renowned, Grange. Its vineyards are mostly located along the south coast.

#10. USA

The USA is the world’s 4th wine producer, despite starting cultivating vineyards only in the 1700s. California, with the Napa Valley, is the main wine region in North America.

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