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Aristofreeks Featuring Kathy Sledge “Keep It Movin” Featuring Mixes By Aristofreeks and Eric Kupper

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Aristofreeks’ Max Martire & Shanti Matkin have teamed up with legendary Kathy Sledge on the new hit single “Keep It Movin” (Pacific Electronic Music)  Featuring mixes by Aristofreeks and Eric Kupper.  

The mixes are available now for digital download and streaming via digital subscription services. 

 Aristofreeks Featuring Kathy Sledge “Keep It Movin” (Aristofreeks Mix)


Aristofreeks Featuring Kathy Sledge “Keep It Movin” (Kupper Mix)

 The song was first released as an Aristofreeks feat. Kathy Sledge EDM single on Pacific Electronic Music last Fall, hitting #2 on the Billboard Club chart.  The GRAMMY® nominated artist collaborated with producer/duo Aristofreeks on the tune in which she co-wrote with Max Martire, and released it to the club and EDM festival circuit.

Kathy recorded KEEP IT MOVIN after releasing the EDM-powered remake of WE ARE FAMILY with Aristofreeks (Max Martire and Shanti Matkin) in 2013.  With PEM’s first release “We Are Family”,Kathy received the “Outstanding Contribution Award” at the 2013 Ibiza DJ Awards.  Says Kathy, “There is a true sense of liberation through the lyrics of Keep it Movin.’  My personal catharsis has become a journey for many…a ‘Mantra in Motion.’”

About Aristofreeks

Max Martire and Shanti Matkin joined forces and formed “Aristofreeks” to re-inject Disco into modern house music.

The emerging trend of “Nu-Disco” or “Nu-House”, revisiting classic disco hits with contemporary remix productions, is proving extremely successful in Europe, the UK and Ibiza, and is now finding its way to the U.S., e.g. New York’s The Vault, Giorgio’s in the W. Hollywood Standard Hotel, etc. Aristofreeks are working with some of the original artists of the height of the Disco Era (Sister Sledge, Chic, Giorgio Moroder, etc.), and have recently started working with “Next Step” (Alfa Anderson, Luci Martin, and Norma Jean former singers of Chic), to re-create their iconic tracks and new mixes. Aristofreeks have produced several remix versions of Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” featuring Kathy Sledge (Legendary Voice of Sister Sledge) on vocals, It lead to another collaboration, resulting in the hit single Keep It Movin” 

About Kathy Sledge


Her artistic triumphs encompass chart-­topping hits, platinum albums, and successful forays into several genres of popular music. Through her multifaceted solo career and her legacy as an original vocalist in the group Sister Sledge, which included her lead vocals on worldwide anthems like “We Are Family” and “He’s the Greatest Dancer,” she’s inspired millions of listeners across all generations. Kathy is currently traversing new terrain with her critically acclaimed show The Brighter Side of Day: A Tribute to Billie Holiday plus studio projects that span elements of R&B, rock, and EDM. Indeed, Kathy’s reached a fascinating juncture in her journey.

Of course, Kathy Sledge is also inspired by a new generation’s discovery of the classic hits that bear her signature voice, a phenomenon exemplified by Will Smith’s chart-­topping sample of “He’s the Greatest Dancer” on “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” (1998) and her collaboration with Aristofreeks on the EDM-­powered remake of “We Are Family” (2013). In tandem with the latter eort, she received the “Outstanding Contribution Award” at the 2013 Ibiza DJ Awards. Re-­teaming with Aristofreeks, she co-­wrote the infectious “Keep It Movin’” for the club and EDM festival circuit. “Dance music is more about capturing a feeling,” she explains. “I feel like if we’re going to be out there dancing, let’s really put a message in the song.” While recording in Ibiza, Kathy also co-­wrote “Everybody Get On Up” for Next Step, a trio that features original CHIC vocalists Alfa Anderson, Luci Martin, and Norma Jean Wright. “I wanted to write something in honor of Bernard Edwards, something that’s staccato,” says Kathy, who also sings on the track. “Then I added harmonies and scatting. People hear it and they go, ‘That’s a hot song!’ I’m proud of that.” The release of “Keep It Movin’” and “Everybody Get On Up” inaugurates Kathy’s relationship with her new label home, Pacific Electronic Music (PEM). 

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