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Another Way Bundle by Anna Martin Release Day Review

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Another Way Bundle by Anna Martin Release Day Review

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Book Series
Another Way
About the Author
Anna Martin is from a picturesque seaside village in the south west of England. After spending most of her childhood making up stories (early versions of her illustrated tales starring her stuffed animals should be available on eBay shortly), she studied English Literature at university before attempting to turn her hand as a professional writer.

Apart from being physically dependent on her laptop, she is enthusiastic about writing and producing local grassroots theatre (especially at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she can be found every summer), travelling, learning to play the ukulele, and Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Although her most recent work is in the LGBT Adult Fiction genre, in the past Anna has worked on a variety of different projects including short stories, drabbles, flash fiction, fan fiction, plays for both children and adults, and poetry. She has written novels in the Teen/ Young Adult genre, Romance, and Fantasy novels.

Anna is, by her own admission, almost unhealthily obsessed with books. The library she has amassed is both large and diverse; "My favourite books," she says, "are 'The Moonstone' by Wilkie Collins, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee and 'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood." She also owns multiple copies of Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park books and re-reads the Harry Potter novels with almost startling regularity.
Anna claims her entire career is due to the love, support, pre-reading and creative ass-kicking provided by her closest friend Jennifer. Jennifer refuses to accept any responsibility for anything Anna has written. 
Publication Date
September 23, 2016
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Another Way.... (Dreamspinner Press Bundles) by Anna Martin - Romance>Anthology/Bundle eBook
 NOTE: This contains previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed.
 Follow Jesse and Will through the years as their relationship grows. 
 In Another Way, Jesse Ross seems happy with his college sweetheart and normal life, but on the side, he’s having an affair with Dom Will Anderson. When Will admits to wanting more, Jesse has to admit the truth, to himself and to everyone around him. 
 Three years later, in Of Being Yours, and Will and Jesse appear to have a happy relationship, but an accident exposes the cracks in their foundation. Can they get over the trauma and piece their lives, and love, back together? 
 In To Say I Love You, Jesse and Will have come through life’s ups and downs stronger and happier, but the unexpected death of Jesse’s mom upsets their happy-ever-after yet again. Back in Jesse’s hometown and struggling to reconcile their relationship with Jesse’s family, can they find their way back to the romance they’ve been fighting for all these years? 

Editor review

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A Trio of Lovely Stories
The Another Way bundle is the complete story of Will and Jesse from start to finish.  It was lovely to be able to follow them through their trials and tribulations.  While I have rated the bundle at 3.5 stars, I have also individually rated each book in the below review.
The first book is Another Way, where Jesse is sneaking around on his girlfriend in order to fulfill his need to submit, but Dom Will wants more than secret Jesse.  He’s fallen for his sub and wants a happily ever after with him.  Unfortunately, there are a multitude of obstacles for both of them to overcome before that could ever be an option.  Most don’t like the cheating aspect, but it is an important part of Jesse’s self-discovery, so I didn’t mind it so much.  This book contains BDSM of the lighter variety, and while the scenes are definitely erotic, they are also tempered by scenes where the two are making love without power exchanges (which are just as erotic).  Both men are damaged, and there is significant character growth as they stumble through the vagaries of life.  I enjoyed the very real struggle that Jesse faced in deciding to embrace the other side of his bisexuality.  I rate this book at 4.5 stars.
The second book, Of Being Yours, picks up three years later.  Jesse and Will have settled happily into their relationship and have definitive lines between BDSM and their relationship.  Jesse’s POV provides clear delineation between his Master and Will as his boyfriend.  This book starts off with a whiz bang, but fairly quickly devolves into muddy waters.  A stunning submission scene occurs in chapter one that I thought was going to demonstrate the direction of the book.  Unfortunately, there was instead a heavy focus on a secondary set of characters that really detracted from Jesse and Will’s story.  Character growth is therefore stunted for most of the book, but does pick up toward the end.  I liked that the two men bump into Jesse’s ex and the encounter that occurs.  It offered closure on her character in a lovely way.  I also very much appreciated that the ending was done with care and didn’t rush to an “everything’s perfect” conclusion.  While I wasn’t overly thrilled with all aspects of this book, I still enjoyed it enough to rate it at 3.5 stars.
The final book in the bundle is To Say I Love You.  Now six years into their relationship, Jesse and Will have created a happy world for themselves in Seattle.  When Jesse’s mother dies suddenly, everything they know is thrown into turmoil.  Returning to Georgia to help his father and sister, Jesse is at a loss on what he can do.  Will surprises Jesse with a house very close to his childhood home that gives Jesse and his dad the opportunity to further bond and take their minds off their grief.  Unfortunately, Will’s ability to work in Georgia means he’s physically in Atlanta most of the week, so the two don’t get much time together.  I thought that would create enormous scenes of intimacy and growth, but it didn’t pan out that way.  While this book contains a great deal of drama, it’s written in such a way that it isn’t particularly captivating.  The plot had the potential to be astounding, so I was disappointed in the execution.  I was happy to watch the two dealing with outside issues that forced them to reevaluate their own relationship, I just wish it would have been a bit more dramatic.  This book felt so different to the first two that I sometimes wondered if it was actually penned by Anna Martin.  It’s an okay book, the characters are much more mature (expected after six years together).  Their chemistry remains palpable, the BDSM was incredibly hot and steamy, and by the end, I was thrilled that the two were starting the next chapter of their lives.  I rate this book at 3 stars
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