Ana Kiri Releases Powerful New Jam Beat of Freedom

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Thanksgiving weekend is a time for family and pondering our roots. Ana Kiri returns with the perfect song for the occasion. “Beat of Freedom” is a vulnerable, inspirational song by Ukrainian born and raised, Ana Kiri.

The single has an epic sound reminiscent of “Hall of Fame” by The Script, which utilizes Pop, Rock, and Soul to drive its impactful nature, and preach hope and peace. The song itself is an Easter egg to its overall message – its length is 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. “333” is an angel number and stands for the Holy Trinity, symbolizing hope.

Although Ana Kiri is now based in Miami, she will forever be a proud Ukrainian. With the upheaval and war going on in the Ukraine, Ana Kiri felt it necessary to release a track dedicated to showing the world what it means to be Ukrainian, and the relentless spirit and fight Ukrainians have. The war has brought much destruction, devastation, and pain. But, “Beat of Freedom” is less so a sad song, but a song that accentuates the strength in us all and provides listeners with the message to never give up.

“Beat of Freedom” is a powerful and uplifting patriotic music piece about the struggles of the Ukraine. “Freedom or death – that is the core spirit of every Ukrainian.” Ana Kiri continues: “It was true for us in the Orange Revolution. It was true for us during the Maidan Revolution, and it is the same for us today. We know who we are, and we have an absolute right to exist. The heartbeat of Ukrainians is the ‘beat of freedom.’ Without freedom, our hearts will just stop. Freedom is our truth. It is our spirit, and who we are. We are Cossacks!”

The anthem was penned by Ana Kiri with some assistance from Jack R. Hardman. Ana Kiri also threw on her producer hat and co-produced “Beat of Freedom” alongside gifted producers Jaki Nelson and Luke Villemur. The lyric video was created by the ultra-talented Claudia Sobradillo. At the direction of Ana Kiri, the lyric video is more than just that. Ana Kiri used Ukrainian vyshyvanka embroidery, which is the nation’s code. Ana Kiri states: “Ukrainians believe that the embroidered shirt is a talisman against all the evil that can happen in human life. Each vyshyvanka symbol represents a different message, but each vyshyvanka encodes happiness, destiny, life, and will in the ornament.”

“Beat of Freedom” is a change of pace from Ana Kiri’s traditionally more poppy, electronic style of music, but it is just as masterful as her typical discography. The record is one that resonates with all listeners and puts a righteous feeling in everyone’s pit of their stomach. Press play and feel free to belt out “Beat of Freedom” anywhere and everywhere.

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