An Inside Look Into The “Gentlemen For Hire” Industry

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When people think of male escort, they usually think of sexual services, which is a common misconception that surrounds the gentlemen for-hire industry.

What really happens when ladies hire a male escort? You’d be surprised.

There are actually different reasons for hiring a male companion, but they’re mostly divided into two areas.

For Companionship

When women hire a gentleman for the day, it’s not always about having sex.

Most of them hire male escorts for one simple reason- they need a companion for the events planned ahead.

For instance, a lady has recently flown to Rome to experience an original opera performance. She’s keen to attend, but then has no one to go with. That lady can call up a male escort, which solves the companionship part.

They meet, go out to dine and then head to the opera house. Afterward, they go out for coffee or wine and then go on their separate ways.

A businesswoman may want somebody close by her as she attends prestigious events, corporate functions and posh parties. Their schedule and workload do not allow for a boyfriend or a steady relationship, so they opt to hire a gentleman, which is almost the same thing.

If you think that getting paid hanging around women is easy, think again.

Gentlemen for hire should be able to hold an intelligent conversation on virtually any subject, from music to politics and everything in between.

More importantly, they must have an air of sophistication and be able to hold their own against a room full of important people.

To this end, these gentlemen always keep up to date on the latest happenings via print, magazines and online sources.

For Sexual Reasons

There’s no denying the fact that a considerable percentage of women who hire male escorts want to be satisfied in the bedroom. In short, they’re looking for incredible, mind-blowing sex!

As women become more and more financially independent, they can spend their money on the things they want, including sexual intercourse.

Women who are happy, fulfilled and wish to keep their status in life may sometimes want something that her husband won’t be able to provide. In this case, she can call up a gentleman for hire and play out her fantasies every now and then. It’s the perfect alternative to one-night stands as she can have sex with no strings attached.

Today’s society is now more accepting of these industries. Movies portray escorts as gods and goddesses who can show a man or a woman a really great time. Adventurous ladies who wish to hire an escort just to experience what it’s like can do so without any major consequences.

Divorcees can experience having a man fulfill her sexual needs and make her whole again. After all, it’s a gentleman’s job to make his client feel sexy and wanted.

There are also those who are too busy to go hunting around bars to get their sexual fix. A gentleman for hire can be that once-a-week sex they need without worrying about STDs and dangers of unprotected intercourse.

All these things lead to greater confidence, improved sexual health and add a bit of spiciness in a woman’s life.

Escorts Of All Ages

Believe it or not, only a small percentage of gentleman for hire are young, look like Hollywood stars and have the body of a Greek god.

Women can choose from a variety of escorts according to age and fitness level. Clients may expect a certain ratio of height to lean muscle, but confidence and appearance are what wins the ladies and make for a repeat booking.

Male escorts can dress up according to any occasion, whether it be a formal event, a beach party, or a quiet dinner with friends.

How Much Do These Male Escorts Get?

Male escorts typically work for a contractor who connects them to clients who need their services.

More often than not, a gentleman can set his own fees for various services. Once he starts getting positive reviews and gains more experience, that male escort can ramp up his cost of services accordingly. He can also build up his list of clients and get more work as time goes on.

Confidentiality Clauses

Women often hire a male escort to keep their personal life separate from their adventurous egos. Gentlemen will have a sort of silent agreement that since they’re paid with money for their services, they’re expected to retain full confidentiality no matter what happens.

That said, personal details such as the client’s address, what she does for a living and others are strictly on a need-to-know basis. In retrospect, the client must hold the same agreement with the male escort (because these guys have normal lives, too).

Being discreet is an absolute requirement that comes with the service. Whether there’s been sexual intercourse or not, both client and male escort must follow the unwritten rule of confidentiality.

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