America's Best Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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America’s Best Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Are you seeking joy in the outdoors? Perhaps you want to watch the sky turn into a creamsicle at sunset, admire a breathtaking view going on for miles, or wade in crystal clear water. There is no limit to the stunning beauty of nature.

America’s best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts can provide you with the thrilling landscapes you’re looking for. Whether you prefer to appreciate the beauty of the natural world or live for the exciting challenges found there, these select destinations will meet your needs.

For Hikers

Hiking is a popular activity for those at all skill levels. Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO is the southernmost mountain of the Rockies. Considered a splendid camping area, this summit is one of the most visited mountain sites in America. Pikes Peak contains the Barr trail—an accessible 13-mile trail that winds through the Rocky Mountains ends at the summit of Pikes Peak. One must be physically and mentally ready for this hike to the top and allot time to adjust to altitude changes.

For Climbers

For sporty folks seeking an adrenaline-filled activity, visit Red River Gorge in Kentucky—a world-renowned location for hiking and climbing. There is a considerable variety of routes for a wide array of experience levels. With sandstone cliffs and limestone rock faces, this gorge is a stunning place to climb.

For Wildlife Enthusiasts and Avid Anglers

You can also find adventure out on the water. Hells Canyon in northern Idaho, the deepest canyon in North America, is a spectacular place to tackle several activities. The scenic Snake River flowing through the gorge acts as the border between Idaho and Oregon. Fishing in Hells Canyon on the Snake River is a popular pastime alongside the multitude of wildlife-focused, ecological, and cultural activities available in the area.

Outdoor enthusiasts will agree that being amid the natural world is a privilege. Take note and start planning for your next adventure using our list of America’s best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

America's Best Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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