Alpha Wave by Andrew Demcak

Questions I get asked a lot about are: How did you sell your Elusive Spark series to your publisher? Did you have to have all the books written beforehand? Did they buy all of them at once?  What’s it like to write a series?

The answers are: I didn’t have the sequels written, they purchase each book individually, although I had to pitch plots of the series of books to the main editor there, and writing a series is fun and very challenging too. I sold the first book, A Little Bit Langston, to Harmony Ink Press, before I had even begun thinking about, let alone writing, the sequels, Alpha Wave (2018), Darkfeather (2019), and Twelve Heroes (current work-in-progress). A Little Bit Langston started as a stand-alone about a teenager who is the reincarnation of a famous poet, but I expanded the plot line as soon as I started writing it. I hadn’t considered that it would be a story that could fill four complete novels. What changed for me was: I loved writing the characters!

After I finished writing Langston, I had done a quick chapter sketch for a new unrelated book about a girl who zaps a rat with a hidden power and kills it during a science class. I really liked the scene very much and I liked this new character. Then I put two and two together and decided to work that girl (Keira) into the ending of Langston. I didn’t give her a name at that point but referred to her as ‘a girl in all black’ that James, Lumen and Paul were going to have to find. Alpha Wave does have a stand-alone feel to it for that reason. The first 80 pages are about Keira only. We meet Langston’s James, Lumen and Paul after that. I just sold Darkfeatherto Harmony Ink and it will be published in 2019. The story is moving forward with new characters (a yeti prince!) and in ways, I would never have imagined when I started writing Langston. I haven’t even begun Twelve Heroes, but I’m sure about the overarching plot. The smaller details will come out in the writing. I’m thinking about Twelve Heroes being my NaNoWriMo novel for November.

AlphaWave Preview

A Harmony Ink Press Title – The Elusive Spark: Book Two

Keira Fairchild is running for her life, and she won’t make it far without someone watching her back.

Her powers helped her elude a slave trader, Holcomb, who planned to sell her to the highest bidder, and the deadly Paragon Academy. But now Keira needs some allies and some answers. Who is the imprisoned alien being who keeps contacting her in her dreams? Keira is aided by a group of teens—James, Lumen, and Paul—with powers like her own, and all of them are ready for a fight. The small group must rescue the captive alien and escape Dr. Albion, who seeks to steal their abilities and eliminate them. Survival will mean a desperate struggle, and none of them can succeed on their own.


About the Author

Andrew Demcak is an American poet and novelist, the author of four poetry collections and five Young Adult novels. His books have been featured by The American Library Association, Verse Daily, The Lambda Literary Foundation, The Best American Poetry, The Nervous Breakdown, and Poets/Artists. He was a *FINALIST* for the prestigious Dorset Prize for Poetry, the Gloria E. Anzaldúa Poetry Prize, and also the Louise Bogan Award for Artistic Merit and Excellence in Poetry. 

He recently released two new YA/Teen GLBTQ2-S novels, How Do You Deal with a Dead Girl? (Big 23 Press, 2018), and Alpha Wave, The Elusive Spark series, Book 2, (Harmony Ink Press, 2018) to brisk sales. His newest YA/Teen GLBTQ2-S novel, Darkfeather, The Elusive Spark series, Book 3, (Harmony Ink Press, 2019) will be published next year. About his Teen GLBTQ Sci-Fi Coming-Out novel, A Little Bit Langston, Kirkus Reviews raved “This book really … takes its place in the marginalized-will-lead-us genre, as popularized by The Matrix and the X-Men franchises.” His first Young Adult (YA) novel, Ghost Songs, was published March 13, 2014. His first literary novel, If There’s A Heaven Above, was published January 5, 2013 by JMS Books, and was nominated by The American Library Association as an “Outstanding” novel for older Teens (17+). His first play, The Inevitable Crunch Factor, won the Cal Arts’ New Playwrights Series and was cast and produced in a multi-week run. His fourth book of poetry, Night Chant, was published by Lethe Press. His other poetry books are: A Single Hurt Color, GOSS 183::Casa Menendez Press, 2010, Zero Summer, BlazeVOX [Books], NY, 2009 and his first poetry book, Catching Tigers in Red Weather, three candles press, 2007, which was selected by Joan Larkin to win the Three Candles Press Open Book Award.

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