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Alpaca Sweaters to Antiques: 4 Fashionable Gift Ideas for the Stylish Man

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The holidays have come and gone but gift giving is always a treat for someone. If you are like most people, still looking for that special gift that complements a loved one in your life, here are some suggestions. Many people argue that shopping for men is easy. However, if the man in your life has discerning tastes, is stylish, and has a finely-tuned eye for aesthetic beauty, finding him a gift he will love may pose challenges (after all, a beer mug and football jersey won’t cut it for this type of guy). Here are four luxurious gift ideas for him that won’t bleed your purse dry while still giving the stamp of superior quality.

Men’s Alpaca Sweaters from Peru

There is a reason why brands like Dior and Gucci have incorporated alpaca fibers into their fashion lines. The material is soft, rugged, easy to care for, and soft to the touch. When you shop for men’s alpaca sweaters look for a company that sources the garments from Peru. Here, generations of families hand-weave each garment on their land in an eco-friendly manner that supports sustainability. The quality is next to none, and alpaca sweaters come in a variety of styles, sizes and natural colors. Men’s alpaca cardigans give a classy look, while a pullover men’s alpaca gray cardigan is suitable for any occasion.

Handmade Leather Shoes and Socks to Match

One of the first things noticeable on a man dressed in business attire is his shoes and socks. These are the true pieces of the attire that stand out in offering a glimpse into his personality and tastes. There are many shoemakers stemming from a fine tradition of cobbler work that use the world’s finest leather and materials to make stunning men’s shoes that will last a lifetime if properly cared for. A few pairs of silk dress socks in vibrant colors or with intricate patterns will help complete the look and turn heads.

Luxury Shaving Kit

Women may love their bath minerals and facial products, and any man who places an emphasis on self-care and style will fall head over heels for a luxury shaving kit from a fine retailer. The best shaving kits come in fragrant cedar boxes containing mineral rich creams, traditional brush sets, a straight razor, tonics, and a fine after shave treatment. Look for a set that contains fragrances he loves. Some come with tonics rich in mint, while others offer woody scents like spruce and juniper.

A Fine Antique that Represents a Side of Him

One direction you can take in giving the special man in your life a luxurious holiday gift is to shop for an antique that is unique, fine in quality, and that speaks to a side of his passions. Think about a gift that mirrors a hobby or a story from his past. For example, if he has shares childhood stories about learning wood carving from his grandfather and the sight of wood carvings to this day warm his soul, consider a hand-carved wood duck decoy from the 19th century. Not only is it a piece of folk art but it will touch on that story. If he has a clear hobby, consider designing a piece of furniture or fixture using elements that represent the pastime. If he is taking flying lessons try resourcing airplane skin from a junkyard, draw up your design, and hire an experienced handyman to put the piece together.

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